Tire and Wheel smoke plus something else.

You know how after a few seconds of wheel slippage smoke starts rolling out and then when you stop the smoke goes away? (yea I know its not necessarily tire smoke but more like the components at the wheels are getting hot) So back to what I'm trying to say, what if the tire friction jumps up during that time just for a few seconds to simulate the tires getting sticky. like 1.5 times the set amount or maybe double. Would there be a way to program that into the game? Just wondering

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i do not know enough about coding for this game, but will say i figure if it is possible then other things would also be affected. a lot of things in the game are tied together basicly, so just making one little change usually will change something else as well.

good question though and i am curious to the answer as well. 🤔

I believe it can be done some how. the smoke comes into effect after so many rotations I believe, then goes away when stopped. It would be cool if the traction started increasing a few rotations after the smoke/steam starts, then ends a few seconds afterwards. If you think about it when running out of fuel it triggers the spitting and sputtering symptoms, or when you drive into mud/water something gets triggered and it covers the vehicle then slowly disappears. if you reverse the slowly disappearing to slowly increasing traction( <- well just an example kind of thing) I lost my train of thought... but even if you had to do away with a couple features something like the mud or water or the low fuel coughing or stalling or something in that nature I would be cool with that. I'm done rambling for awhile just some thoughts I wanted to throw out there.

@08_jk_ it cant, lua codes only affect the amount of smoke that pours out of the wheels, the smoke is present both in mud and water (steam of the wheels) and water has substance friction so as mud but ground has friction (codenames) you could edit the ground friction or mud to make them more slipery like Draconus did in his winter mod but thats about it
p.s V12 frozen lake map doesnt count because thats a huge model with allot of cdts to create the breaking of the Ice and models (rocks,trees even trucks) can have custom friction