New patch STILL UNPLAYABLE - Unacceptable FPS drops

So closed alpha through to beta was fine up until the Patch 06/09, spotty performance but acceptable. The game is literally unplayable since that patch. I have fps drops from 90 down to 8, irrespective of graphics settings.

So I am asking the community rep, are you aware of these game-breaking performance issues and what is being done about it?

I am very excited about this game and have participated from the earliest stages but whilst it's to early to talk about refunds it's getting to point I'm worried these drops will push me that way.

Win 10
970 GTX
1700X Ryzen
16gb DDR4

You should contact this guy : Benz
He has similar computer specs as you have and may be he can help with configuration.
As he posted he has 160 FPS ( not sure if this was just a joke ) read yourself here :

I've been doing some testing. I think it's EAC. I shut down everything in my background apps except for steam. It ran for an hour fairly steady. I restarted my PC and BLAM fps drop. Nothing pops up when I start the game from EAC but earlier in the Alpha I had warnings about SLEDv2.exe which is part of the Aorus suite for Gigabyte motherboards (controls LED lighting).

It's just a guess but I run my machine pretty lean so could be grasping at straws. That being said other EAC games run fine.