Toxic people!

I love this game and the potential it has but I miss the old insurgency community! The new players and a lot of people I play with in SS are just pure toxic and make the game worse people in the older insurgency wanted to actually play and work together and have fun this is just trash with the steady team killing and stupidity. Especially when we are out of reinforcements and I have done nothing but mind my own business and a teammate turns around and just randomly shoots me in the head right after we spawn. Absolutely brutal.

The issue's been discussed here for a while now. NWI are too small to process individual reports from a reporting system so that's out of the question, and I've read (second-hand) that they are against giving players votekick powers. The issue won't get better unless the trolls get bored and move on.

There are small automatic protections they could implement though; some teamkill scenarios are blatant in a systematically verifiable way like the spawn killing you mentioned. CS:GO had protections against that for a long time, and could also tell when you followed someone out of spawn and lined up a shot on them. Just clicking your mouse at that point was enough information to prompt an automatic kick.

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The issue's been discussed here for a while now. NWI are too small to process individual reports from a reporting system so that's out of the question, and I've read (second-hand) that they are against giving players votekick powers.

NWI does not want to give players a democratic votesystem ?? WTF ???
This is one of the most wanted things of the Insurgency Community and they just ignore that ?

Please can anyone of the NWI devs confirm that this information was wrong and that you will add some voting system just as in Insurgency ( 2014 )

I just remembered they're pushing for community servers by release so admins should be able to police toxicity there at least.

@planetcanada I feel kind of the same.
I love sandstorm but i admit it dose feel a bit, well, shall we say more streamlined than the original.
But this is not necessarily a bad thing.

This attracts more new players (which is good) however some of them are not who we, the more tactical mature gamers maybe, would like to have (which is bad).

As with everything in life it's a matter of balance and compromise.
I think (and hope) as the game releases you will have dedicated servers options that would cater more for us
with strict admins.

It would be cool if these new players will create their own "crazy" servers, like FFA pistol only or knife only TDM
I don't know, let them what do I care? more players mean NWI have more money. which is good for us.

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@bez That’s fair! Well said. I do want the game to succeed!

Lmao toxicity in siege in casual was 50% of the reason I played it. It was so funny. I get that in ranked its obviously the worst but a part of me died when they cracked down on everything.

My point is, that I don't see how toxic people and trolls that get too bothersome can't be dealt with by a votekick system and mute option for voice, chat, ingame command spamming, etc.

As for team kills, there should obviously be an automatic response by the game, maybe not after 1 tk, but after 3 seems reasonable to me.

@planetcanada i think the game should kick you after 2 teamkills instead of 3
And i loved the vote kick system of insurgency2 and they should bring it back
Teamkilling can always hapen but atleased say sorry

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votekick has been the most demanded thing since the first alpha lol. It might come for full release idk, NWI is really against it for some reason.

Vote kick got abused like crazy on ins2, you would often get groups of trolls who joined and started vote kicking everybody, and because people were too busy playing the game they would just assume that the vote was legit and vote for the kick, others would not do anything and the kick would go ahead anyway. And then there was the good players who would not tolerate noobs who were still learning the game and get them vote kicked for just under performing. I take it as the game is in beta and NWI want to attract as many new players as possible, they do not want new players getting kicked all the time just because they don't know what they are doing. I think if they would just tighten up the tk kick and make it less forgiving then that would solve a lot of the issues.

this doesn't strike me as a "technical" issue

@max80 Well maybe that’s your opinion it is to me it can wreck the game or be gamebreaking therefore “technical”. The general feedback section obviously is going to get less attention than the technical thread so I post the things that are most important to me or that I feel need serious attention to the technical side. I also have posts in the general feedback section as well I post a lot because I really want this game to turn out well I have been playing insurgency for a very long time and the game means a lot to me. But hey thanks for your input though! 😘

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this doesn't strike me as a "technical" issue

How is the implementation of a votekick system or lack thereof not a technical issue?