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MP7 pre-nerfs was a bit OP when it came to actual damage it did, but it had too much recoil, nerf happened to both it's damage and the removal of AP rounds for everything except bolt action rifles and it ended up being more or less forced to always have a 40 round mag unless you wanted 1 or 2 kills per mag in it's current state.

On unarmored targets currently it's more or less perfect, but the second there's armor in the picture it becomes a bit of a regret to have brought in the loadout, exactly the opposite of what the weapon is designed to be in real life. If it's not gonna fit it's purpose-made design, might as well just replace it with a CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1, or a P90, or even a Kriss Vector (in 10mm to make it a bit easier to balance).

As it's a weapon that at the very most is used by 2 players in a match, it's not really a horribly OP overall presence when everyone else is using the G3 or M14 and dominating lol

Yep, 100% I agree. If I'm not mistaken, the FN P90 was designed to defeat body armor was it not? There was a big rivalry between the HK MP7 and FN P90 back in the day and both of them fit the same role, defeating armor.

It's still using the AP round, and the damage actually got improved from the first beta, now it's on the same par as 9mm.

I hate to be that guy, but I stuck a 4x on my MP7 and it's a headshot machine... Its still pretty good even with a 1x red dot. Any other scope and you HAVE to keep it on auto and spray. Who the fuck is getting 2 kills per 40 bullets? Try not using a shit sight and actually aiming. Just because you're sprayin and prayin and not getting results. doesn't mean the gun sucks and that it needs a buff.

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Can you reference the nerfs to the MP7?

So after I made that previous comment. I went into the game and kept joining Coops until I got security, then I recorded this. We failed the first time, but I got 2 "Dome Destroyers" in a row, and was the kill-lead for my team both times. MP7 is good.

I'll upload the entire un-edited video for you to see, sorry... I don't have the editing software (or know-how) to make a montage or edit for just the kills. I use this site because it uploads and processes videos 100x faster than Youtube.

Here's the video

You can't use headshots as a reasoning for weapon being good in Sandstorm.. literally EVERY weapon in the game oneshots to the head, it doesn't make any weapon good because of it in all other facets.

@AMURKA you seem to have misread it, not 40 round mags, with 20-rounders...

@ctbear1996 it doesn't have AP rounds no, they too out AP rounds for every weapon other than bolt action snipers recently

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I constantly am at the top of the scoreboard and its due to using a 1 to 2 shot max weapon. Either the G3 Galil or FAL with a 2x Red Dot, the guns are headshot machines on single fire and at most two shot body shots. I play mostly coop but its just as effective in pvp. This is coming from someone who gets 70+ kills with my primary only on the first try against the AI on any of the three maps. I run a cheap pistol and two incendiary grenades with light carrier and heavy armor works like a charm.