Server Browser vs Matchmatching

I quite like the Matchmaking feature (even though i like having a server browser too) i think it will stop people choosing the same maps over & over and getting bored by them prematurely

However can MM please stop selecting the same map over & over. & if i choose MM can the process roll over and auto enroll me in the next map, rather than having to start over

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There was one night I was playing with a group and the same map was selected over 10 times. We even switched from firefight to skirmish and the same map was still picked still.

Each time a match would start I would say, "Uh... didn't we just play this?"

Pretty sure map selection is "random" atm aka you can't pick maps is so that they can gather feedback for all the maps. Otherwise people might not play maps cuz of bad performance and they won't get feedback on it.

That said: the current matchmaking implementation is a disaster.

Oh yeah and another point please stop putting me in the last round of the 2nd game, or worse the the last round of the 2nd game with no reinforcements left...

Hope we get servers soon. It was always important to me and a lot of games could profit from it these days. Servers allow actual community building. Matchmaking not really.