Will you finally gives us brigtness / contrast sliders?

I beg you. I'm playing on calibrated monitor and the contrast to brightness ratio is too damn high. From too bright outside to the pitch black I can't see anything in corners inside. I don't understand the idea if you think you can stop someone from making the game as bright as they want with the cost of visual quality you're mad. I can always press the "gaming mode", use nvidia gamma panel or just crank up my brightness / contrast. I just don't want to have shitty monitor visual so I can play your game normally.

I agree that it's too dark in some places.
There is no HDR and the AO is way too strong.

But adding sliders is problematic for exploits.
One can play in a very dark setting while the other on a rigged high brightness low contrast setting
that actually mimics night vision.

The answer is fixing the AO. maybe reduce the radius and for sure the intensity.
Add an HDR effect or fake HDR. maybe not really necessary, would be nice though.

Adding NVG and flashlights is kind of a given imho.
And then these dark rooms will have a meaning in the game.

No sliders though.

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No slider no moneis bunny funny. I won't play a game that rewards those morons that play with "Game mode on" fucking my calibration and accurate color and gamma representation, nor I'm going to use NV goggles for playing day map lmaayyaaao

Although I'm trying to be polite as fuck here it's a DEMAND not a request.

It seems your brain is hard pressed to comprehend something. It's the same as the "crosshair" problem. You cannot stop anyone from using one and you cannot prevent anyone that wants to make his in game picture as bright as he wants if he doesn't care for calibration.

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I got the perfect example.