Insurgency experience breakdown

How is experience divided up after each round? I know kills earn 10xp each, objective captures are 150xp each, but do you also get time for sitting on an objective? How many points for assists? Also, how much experience do you get according to playtime in the round? Rounds wins are 100xp and first round of the day is 500xp I believe. Just trying to get some more light shed on this.


I think you get a multiplyer for winning the match but I'm not comeing with explanations ;p Was just looking for topic to ask if exp is working like it should at the moment or not because many times I was surprised that I got verry low exp for pretty good matches and also sometimes I get much more than I expect. For example for a 40 minute match with lets say 10-15 kills and 2-3 objectives captured I can get less exp than for a 10-15 minute match with 2-5 kills and 1 or no objectives captured... Is this some bug or everything is fine? ;p

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