Some suggestions to improve gameplay.

Speed up weapon transitions. Since the format has changed so shall the weapon speeds. 2 things that I notice a lot is when coming out of cover against a wall your gun takes way too long to come down to aim. Another thing I've noticed is when running and you have to suddenly aim it's really slow. Get rid of the quick drawl holster and just have weapon switches between rifles and pistols always fast. If you want this shit realistic watch Keanu Reeves training for John Wick. Since TTK is slower now faster aiming and weapons movements should compensate for that. Last thing is the lag during firefights. It's really maddening to aim at the enemy and be on target before them but lose because you drop like 30 frames and everything stutters. Thanks.

Stuttering will be fixed. Running -> Aiming is ok. I dunno about walking (or fast walking) -> Aiming speed. Wall -> aim is ok if shorter weapon can have advantage on it.

Keanu Reeves just lower guns then shoot right away. It's not hip fire -> ADS but idle (lowered) -> ADS. Wish game would lower their guns and not hip fire until they raise to ADS and shoot.

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I'm not expecting it to be exactly like John Wick but transitions between moving and aiming needs to be sped up. It sucks getting killed by noobs hiding in the corners of buildings because it takes 2 seconds to aim your gun. It happens a lot when running into a building and the transition from running to aiming and coming from behind cover. The rest of the game is growing on me.

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