Recoil change

I used UZI, MK18, G36K, M4A1, AKS-74u, and other short weapons to see the recoil.

They were higher than expected. Even in small caliber.

The crouch/prone recoil have no problem, but stand recoil have alot.

Also, semi-auto is not great than auto in stand up.

If I shoot SKS, then first bullet goes, gun goes up, and sinks down to 1/4 of original shot. If I semi-auto shoot 5 bullets in SKS, then I have to drag down individually by each shot. If I auto shoot, then I can just drag the gun down.

Maybe increase vertical recoil when people shoot fullauto about 10 - 15 bullets in 5.56 or 5-15 bullets in 7.62. Maybe Increase gun sinking in semi-auto.

Firearm should have overheat problem if they don't have fore-grip or bipod.

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Yeah, I've been noticing this the past few days. The difference between crouched recoil and standing recoil is enormous. I'm not sure what the balance aspect to this even is, since you're a much bigger target when standing. On top of that, IRL you'd have less recoil firing from standing (but much more sway), not that the game mechanics should be dictated by that.

It's to the point with most guns that you can't reliably kill enemies from standing beyond 25 yards if they're even semi-conscious. After the first shot they can just start running and be unkillable or drop to crouched and 5/5 you with a full auto burst because there's so much less recoil.

I get that I can just drop to crouched myself, which I will be doing consciously now, but is that really the meta we're going for?

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