Maybe no one else gets these errors!?!?
LOD error:
For me: The LOD error that causes the editor to stall is caused by having more that 1 item in the distributions lists. Using only one item per distribution list/map, so far no errors.

Vector Error:
For me: this error is caused by the camera "vector" being messed up.
I edited the below file and changed the coordinates of the camera target position of the appropriate level i had the error to 0.0.0 and reloaded the level and it seemed to fix.
"C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\SpinTires MudRunner Editor\ViewTerrain.xml"

Tip for using references in the editor:
Ive just discovered references!! Very handy! However I wanted to add roads/distributions/tint/materials, but not alter the terrain/heightmap.
So far this seems to work.

  • Open the "" into photoshop from the reference prebuild.
  • Fill with 68% black (or 84(of 256 levels)
  • Insert the reference into your level
  • Change reference options flatten to "false"

Hope this helps!