Right side wheels aren't flipped...

So I've reset xform, scale and rotation in Max (all zeroed, no errors when loading in the MR editor), aligned the wheel along X, and centered the pivot. The wheels on the left (driver's side in North America) are fine, but the wheels on the right (passenger side) are in the correct XYZ (I mean XZY lol) positions but they're facing the same way as the driver's side ones. XML has RightSide=True for those 2 as well as adjusted offsets/hardpoints. Any ideas?

a image speaks better but check your mesh xml and compare it to this one see the upper tags <CombineXMesh Type="Wheel"> Type="Wheel" means allot for the game to know what to do on the right side of the mod

<CombineXMesh Type="Wheel">
<WheelMesh RubberRadius="0.23625" />
MeshParts="GroundHawg_Rim 0,GroundHawg_Rim 1,Nuts2,Nuts1"

What exporter are you using?

Axe exporter. Thanks for the tips guys, I'll be testing them out today. 🙂

Adding the Type=Wheel line solved it! Thanks gang! 😃