Record Better Intimidate Speech Lines for Security Faction (Suggestion)

This will sound nitpicky, but I feel as though in comparison between the Security and Insurgent factions on their Intimidate speech lines, the Security faction's Intimidate speech lines are kind of weak and pointless.

I'm specifically talking about Security's "DROP YOUR WEAPON!", "ON THE GROUND, DO IT!", and other lines similar to those two lines. Honestly, how would ordering insurgents, who probably vowed a blood oath to kill til their heads get blown off, to drop their weapons work? And to be meta, it's not like there's a gameplay element to surrender since it's unnecessary for a multiplayer game with a balance of casual and hardcore gameplay and gunplay.

Since the Security faction is technically a private military company, it's not like they have to follow a strict procedure on capturing insurgent soldiers. There can be veteran soldiers doing mercenary work who are filled with adrenaline and PTSD, causing them to get heated against their enemies, so I would believe that they'll be throwing more aggressive, psychotic obscenities to insurgents than giving them a chance to surrender.

I do have a few ideas for more aggressive Intimidate voice lines for current and future Security voice actors:

Anyone have any other ideas?

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A real warfighter wouldn't say anything like that in close quarters. In long range it would be more plausible though.

@tango1 Yeah, but INS:S isn't all that realistic in terms of behavior and verbal reactions when being fired upon. This is a suggestion for better speech lines for the INTIMIDATE speech option.

Personally I do like how NWI made the soldier characters panic and shout loudly that shows off unprofessionalism and resilience between both factions. Sort of humanizes them more than any other FPS game I've played despite how much of a bad idea is to loudly panic. Besides, both factions technically know that they are in the same place, and both of them are attacking each other head-on, so I don't believe that being stealthly and quiet is the most important factor. From what I get from playing INS and INS:S, both factions are attempting to kill each other as quick as possible in a close-quarters area, so charging at them screaming with adrenaline would be one option. It's a high-risk environment. I wouldn't be surprised if anyone screamed or yelled out anything because of how intense the situation would get in a game like INS:S.

I do wholy agree with you that real soldiers, mercenaries, insurgents, rebels, civilians, etc. would definitely not scream out obscenities at each other when fighting or fleeing in close-quarters. They only get one chance, so anything to keep themselves hidden is always the way to go. For INS:S, and for any FPS really, there's always respawn or in another game, so might as well dramatize the situation to make things more fun. As much as NWI strides for realism, they are still attemping to release a cinematic, chaotic, tactical hardcore FPS game.

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(beginning of the match)
" Consider All Contacts Hostile !! If It's Moving , Kill It !! "
" Kill Anything That Moves !! We Are Not Taking Any Prisoners !! "
" We've Been Training For This Day !! Let's Show Them Who We Are !! "
" Let's Begin The Hunt . Remember . No Mercy . "
" Let's Hunt Them Down !! Every Single One Of Them !! "
" Let's Turn This Place Into Hell . "

(spraying full-auto weapon)
" You All Must Die !! Die !! Die !! Die !! Die !! Die !! " (repeat "Die" when pressing down left mouse button)

(shooting semi-auto weapon)
"Die Motha F*cka !!"

(shooting bolt-action weapon)
" One Shot , One Kill . "

(after killing - close range)
" I Want You To Look At Me When I Kill You !! "
" You Are Worth More Dead Than Alive !! "
" You're Pathetic !! You Don't Even Worth My Bullet !! "
" You Squeal Like A Little Girl !! "
" You're Lucky You're Dead. I Would've Done Far Worse Things If I Captured You Alive . "
" I Will Make Sure That Pigs Eat Your Dead Body !! "

(after killing - long range)
" You Are The Plague And We Are The Cure . "
" Why You Die So Fast ? Let Me Have Some More Fun With You !! "
" I Am Every Nightmare You've Ever Had !! "
" I Am Your Worst Dream Come True !! "
" I Am Everything You Ever Were Afraid Of !! "
" Guess Who Killed You !! "

(after capturing an objective)
" This Ain't Done Until We Kill Them All !! "
" We Are Here to Crush You All !! "
" Good Job Team !! Let's Kill Some More !! "
" Let's Make A River Out Of Their Blood !! "
" Let's Keep Going !! Show Them No Mercy !! "

Characters should say these thing only 10% of the time.
It's gonna get annoying if the characters talk too much.

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@nick-kim This is kinda interesting. Maybe turn these voice lines off with a suppressor equipped, though.

Also, there's actually already a voice-line for full-auto spraying. If you hold down the fire button for any LMG (M249, PKM, Dshk.) your character starts screaming.

@nick-kim Nice ideas. I posted a similar suggestion about how there should be a short rousing speech at the start of the match, something based off of how NWI started rounds/matches in Day of Infamy.

Though for the rest, I feel as though that some of your lines ideas are too long. I made my suggested voice lines very short so they don't go on too long and that the voice actors can better exert more emotion into a short line. I don't know for sure, but I believe that the shorter the line, the less money NWI would have to pay for voice acting. Besides, cuss words are always the way to go when reacting to anything from getting shot, reloading, etc.

Also: please stop displaying just the word "Intimidate" in the chat area whenever a player uses this speech line, it looks a bit lame. Better would be to show the actual speech line the player is saying in chat. Or make it a Toggle to turn off displaying these speech lines altogether in chat:

Hide "Intimidate" speech lines in chat [ X ]

Insurgents should pray more, change my mind.

@valerian Honestly I think that for NWI to type out every word/voice line out for chat for people to read is impratical both for gameplay, communication, and development priorities.

I believe that the point of speech lines is to give a short ultra-generalized phrase for players to read and understand in a second. I agree with you that when choosing the Intimidate speech option, how the developers displays the Intimidate speech line on chat is lame, but it's not the point of the players to read the chat whenever someone spams the chat with Intimidate lines.

@thehappybub HAH, I get it.

But NWI is purposefully not being specific with what's the Insurgent faction's background is despite how obvious who they represent in real life. Keep the controversial stuff focused on the violence part than the political/religious subjects.

@BlueMouse The thing is that the insurgents do currently say religious stuff.

@Lionheart translated some of the phrases used by the insurgents a while ago:
Come on bros, they need our help!
Wait a sec bro
Your mom's cu*t
Thanks God, we've captured it
Thanks God, if not by the grace of God, it would've been a disaster (Usually said after defending an area successfully)
They're capturing Charlie, may God curse your father(s) (LOL)
Be careful, [throwing] fire
Moooooooooove on
Hurry up, they need our help

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@thehappybub I'm going to assume that NWI assumes that not that many in their player community will know Arabic, but this is very interesting to read! Thanks @Lionheart!