9/13 Patch Feedback + New List Of Bugs

Great patch. I can really see the game coming together! For example, the proper mags now drop! (it's the little things)

  • I was sad to see the Breacher class get such a huge nerf (only one C4 or IED now) but it makes sense.
  • The new Summit Map Picture is Mostly of Rocks (intended?)
  • Game still has totally silent weapons
  • Technical turret firing sounds still only originate from vehicles spawn point
  • All laser sight issues still persist
  • Explosion sound for crashing chopper cuts off too early
  • old sight mis-alignment issues still persist
  • Bots still see through smoke far too easily
  • Bots still shoot down choppers (without RPGs) far too quickly (Sometimes under 5 seconds w/ only bullets)
  • Bots almost ALWAYS shoot down IED drones, making them useless
  • Bots don't use masks in gas (Insurgent bots seem totally fine with this/unhurt...)
  • Gas mask equip and un-equip animation is too low on player cam. (the top part of the masks goes through eyeballs)

A definitely new bug is this one I've been seeing. Literally every time I'm dead and looking through someone elses eyes, if they have a magnified scope, they all look something like this
or this

Please bring back the floating free cam for dead players (at least on Coop) it was fun to fly around, and not be tied to your teammates (often limited) view

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Oh I forgot. There's some clipping/ z-fighting on insurgent clothing and non-armor vests.

You still need to have visual on player models to hear footsteps as well. Extreme oversight on a major bug that was reported weeks ago.

@doghead if they couldn't fix it in time, they couldn't fix it in time. No biggy. Their devs (not the one working on the maps etc.) are probably more busy moving everything to UE4 4.20.

@AMURKA Hey look, the picture is how you want the scope to look like when it's always rendering. You should be happy to see that lol.

@Doghead When the beta first dropped, you could hear everyone's footsteps all the time no matter if you couldn't see them (within range of course). However, to quickly improve performance on the first day, they dropped a patch that make player bones not update if they aren't inside of the player's view frustum (camera). So now the game couldn't possibly know when the foot joints of player's hit the ground to play the sound.

This was a good idea at the time because it was a really quick way to improve performance so people wouldn't start immediately saying "this game is broken, Ima reeeeefund". But they really need to put it back in since the performance has come a long way and it's critical from a game-play/competitive standpoint for it to be put back in.

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I also for some reason still am able to use this loadout: