We are releasing an update today to address issues and make some improvements since last week’s patch. If you are still struggling with performance after ensuring you’re running in full screen and trying the new “Auto” video quality preset, please share your issues with us HERE.

General Improvements

Video Settings Menu

  • Added Low, Medium, and High overall quality preset buttons that let players overwrite all settings and instantly apply them.
  • Added Auto quality preset button which runs a brief benchmark on the player’s system and applies suggested settings.

Gameplay Improvements

Game Modes

  • Respawn the defending team when an objective is captured in Push.

Player Movement

  • Slightly increase time player is frozen in place during door kicking.
  • Slightly increased weight of the following:
    • Light Armor
    • Heavy Armor
    • Light Carrier
    • Heavy Carrier
    • AT4
    • RPG-7
    • M3 MAAWS
    • Panzerfaust 3
  • Peeked open doors will open and close much further now when run into.

Weapon Balance

  • Underhand grenade lobs (right click) now apply more upwards force.
  • Players can now only equip one IED or C-4.
  • Players can now only equip one rocket launcher.
  • Reduced smoke grenade detonation time to three seconds.
  • Improved projectile speed for the Smoke Grenade Launcher upgrade.
  • Set arming distance for Explosive Grenade Launcher grenades to five meters (0.1 seconds in the air). Before this point, the grenade will not explode, but will still deal damage to whatever it impacts.
  • Improved FOV transition when zoomed in and becoming obstructed or unobstructed while using Low Quality scopes.


  • Fixed characters glowing in certain environments.
  • Reduced zero times on bots so they get on target faster. Now averages 5 seconds at max range, 2 seconds at close range.
  • Bots can now lean out from cover and fire at enemies.


  • Switch to a static fixed camera instead of a free-roam camera if there is no one left to spectate on a player’s team.
  • Switch to next available living player if spectating a dead player for more than two seconds.

Major Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with bullets where damage dealt could fluctuate from intended values, improving reliability of bullet damage calculation.


User Experience

  • Fixed being able to vault through unbroken windows.
  • Fixed formatting and strings for loading screen scenario and gameplay rules.
  • Fixed an issue preventing ragdolls from showing up correctly when a player ejected a dead body from a vehicle seat.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle acceleration audio was not heard correctly by any player other than the driver of that vehicle.
  • Fixed bus prop window not using the correct glass particle on break.
  • Fixed issue where destroyed vehicles wouldn’t destroy the characters upon exploding.


  • Fixed a rare server crash related to the Gas Mask.
  • Fixed a crash caused by AI path-finding in a Local Game.
  • Fixed a potential crash caused by render targets.


  • Improved reliability of Gas Mask animations playing in first person.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect explosives would be removed when downgrading the Ammo Carrier.
  • Fixed Smoke Grenade Launcher 40mm grenade not disappearing after exploding.
  • Fixed the handguard disappearing from the player’s weapon when using a Smoke Grenade Launcher on the AKM.
  • Fixed an issue with Security Demolitions bots dropping broken M4A1s.
  • Fixed an issue where it would be possible to deploy a Bipod on another player.
  • Fixed player’s view not aligning correctly when entering a vehicle turret.
  • Fixed an issue where equipping a grenade launcher would not allow a player to also equip a launcher.
  • Fixed an issue where a magazine could be scavenged from the same weapon that was picked up.
  • Fixed an issue where players could have two Primary weapons by picking up a weapon while using their underbarrel grenade launcher.

Fire Support

  • Helicopters can no longer take damage from friendly players.
  • Fixed an issue where pilot and gunner ragdolls were not destroyed when a helicopter crashed.
  • Fixed helicopters exploding in mid air if they were hit by a second rocket while already in their spinning state.

Voice Over

  • Fixed an issue where the Support Helicopter would continue playing voice over after it began to crash.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Incoming Rocket” VO response that prevented it from playing reliably.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Suppressed by Sniper” VO response would play if the shooter was too close to the player.


  • Fixed an issue where bots would sometimes not engage players properly based on the weapon they were carrying.
  • Fixed bots with custom class cosmetics not working correctly.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the left hand to float with the weapon.

User Interface Improvements

  • Updated loading screen images.
  • Improved Scoreboard with new style and formatting improvements including new rank badges.
  • Added Current Objective display at the top of the Scoreboard.
  • Added Current Objective pop up on the left side of the screen when leaving a spawn area.
  • Added fading for Lesson hint pop ups and Current Objective pop ups.
  • Compass will now show when accessing the Comms or Fire Support radial menus.

Updated Content


  • Improved third person reload animations.
  • Added third person fire select animation.
  • Added weight shifting based on movement for third person.
  • Improved third person sprint animations for knives and grenades.
  • Improved third person look animations for binoculars, knives, and explosives excluding launchers.


  • Added animations for deploying and undeploying the “Bipod Foregrip” upgrade.
  • Improved Mosin texture.
  • Improved all foregrip textures.
  • Improved binoculars overlay.


  • Improved “Buzz Cut” facial hair cosmetic appearance.
  • Improved “Mutton Chops” facial hair cosmetic appearance.
  • Improved “Hoodie” cosmetic texture masks.
  • Improved textures of Security character faces.
  • Improved textures of all Torso and Legs cosmetic items.

Textures & Props

  • Updated Fire Support call in confirmation marker.
  • Increased the size of tile bullet impact decals.
  • Improved bus prop windows smoothing for reflections.

Map Balance & Fixes

  • Farmhouse
    • Fixed several terrain and road misalignment issues.
    • Fixed decal bugs.
    • Fixed various dynamic prop issues.
    • Fixed various LOD issues.
    • Fixed various light issues on props.
    • Fixed a stuck spot/exploit.
    • Fixed Insurgent vehicle spawn on Skirmish.
    • Improved the lighting of various interiors.
    • Removed the restricted area from the balcony at objective A on Push Insurgents.
    • Made improvements to AI to have bots use cover more effectively.
    • Improved bot navigation.
    • Made various performance improvements.
    • Made various visual improvements.
    • Fixed miscellaneous bugs.
  • Summit
    • Revised Push Security scenario to improve balance.
    • Added a new alleyway near Push Security objective C to improve flanking opportunities for Security.
    • Moved objective A to the pool area and relocated the Security spawn on Firefight East.
    • Fixed various LOD issues.
    • Fixed a corner rock exploit.
    • Fixed Insurgent Fire Support mortars and rockets not landing in the correct location.
    • Fixed Supply Crates not becoming active on Checkpoint.
    • Improved bot navigation.
    • Made various performance improvements.
    • Made various visual improvements.
    • Fixed miscellaneous bugs.
  • Hideout
    • Moved Security Supply Crate on Skirmish.
    • Fixed bots spawning on a rooftop unintentionally.
    • Tweaked post-processing to reduce brightness.
    • Made improvements to AI to have bots use cover more effectively.
    • Improved various decals.
    • Made various performance improvements.
    • Made various visual improvements.
    • Fixed miscellaneous bugs.
  • Crossing
    • Added one-way exits for Security Checkpoint starting spawn.
    • Replaced destroyed fuel trucks with various other props.
    • Added better protection for objective B cache on Checkpoint Security.
    • Changed objective F to a capturable objective on Checkpoint Security.
    • Added a balcony to the final objective building for Checkpoint Security.
    • Improved bot navigation.
    • Made improvements to AI to have bots use cover more effectively.
    • Made various visual improvements.
    • Fixed several terrain issues.
    • Improved the lighting of various interiors.
    • Fixed road misalignment issues.
    • Fixed weapon cache overlapping with furniture on Push Security.
    • Fixed a spawn camping issue on Push Insurgents.
    • Fixed a small seam in the playable area.
    • Replaced broken bus prop with updated version on Firefight West.
    • Fixed miscellaneous bugs.
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