Blocky / glitchy textures on AMD Vega GPU

The game is unplayable right now on AMD Vega GPUs. I don't know if the devs are aware but I figured I would post this anyway since I can't seem to find other posts by people with the same graphics cards. I have tried updating drivers and changing in-game graphics settings for just about everything. In game it looks way worse but this image gives you the basics of whats happening with textures.




Just wanted to update that it is still happening after the latest driver from AMD yesterday and the latest 3GB patch that came out.

I too have this issue on my Vega 56, newest 18.9.1 drivers after a DDU wipe. It ONLY occurs when shadow quality is set to medium or high, it does not happen at low or very high. It also, as best as I can tell does not occur in an actual match, just the main menu.

Which Vega GPU exactly?

Integrated? 56? 64?

This happens with my Vega 56 as well, but only when shadows are set to medium or high, it does not occur at low or very high shadows.

Yes I think it is definitely shadow related but it doesn't seem to matter what I set them too. I am using the integrated Vega 8 Graphics.