The problem with spraying

Certain weapons such as M4A1 or AK74 have too low and controllable recoil, meaning they are being constantly sprayed by many players. This really hurts the whole tactical aspect of the game the series is notorious for. Only machine guns should really be able to be sprayed effectively.

This has to change.

I say remove the RNG aspect from recoil (right now, that's horizontal recoil, but predictable horizontal recoil is possible) and double the vertical recoil. That would make it much more skillful.

If by spray you are talking about full auto hipfire, then I have found it to be extremely uncontrolled. I have only successfully taken down 1/10 people with a hip spray, and obviously it was at close range.

If you are talking about going full auto while looking down your sights, then I actually find the weapons less controllable than in Insurgency. I think this is likely because I'm not used to them yet. But in Insurgency, I would lay a full magazine down on enemies at a time. I'll take a foregrip over armor any day.

@cyoce Agreed. That should make the spraying a bit harder to do while making weapons feel a bit more powerful.

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Agreed. Spraying gameplay isn't very fun.

AKM is way too easy to spray too. You can just stand and shoot the whole magazine with autofire accurately to 100m range. Recoil should be doubled, and more kick should be added to the weapon animations like there was in the previous game.

I own a real AK and the one in Sandstorm feels like a toy gun.

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@action83 How do the gun sounds compare to real life? Other than it obviously being LOUDER did they do a good job of capturing the noise of the weapon?