Death sounds are horrible.

They are horrible. Really horrible. Perhaps I can give you the medallion of the most horrible death sound ever. Shoot someone in the face and they'll scream for 3-4 seconds and that death sound sounds like that one horrible squicky duck everyone's seen in the internet. Oh, also, why in the heck do they scream "SNIPER" after the sniper has shot them in the face? This has happened many, MANY times.

This game has gore, please redo the sounds what a human propably sounds like when someone shots him/her in the face. it's not IIOOOOIIIIIUUUUOOOUUUOOOUUIIIUUUUOOOO, it's something much, much more horrible. See some movies.

Am curious, do you have a soundcard? If not what onboard audio do you use, and do you use a low end/mid range/high end headset or 2.1 speakers?
Also what is your ping like to the servers you play on, and do you notice any audio glitches, delays, loops, distortion etc?

The death sounds are rather fast imo, I barely notice them unless it's the whimper, I'm always on the receiving end of a RPG or a dozen rounds from the technicals AA gun, so when I die i hear BOOM or RATATAT RATATAT RATATAT RATATAT RATATAT "URGHHHH!" - the dying whimper is a really realistic death sound... No other game i've ever played has made/used that deathsound, first few times i heard it, it made me feel uneasy.

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I agree to an extent: Any gibbing that results in the destruction of the head, and headshots should result in the immediate cancellation of VOs and prevention of Death VOs.

Death by shot to body,limb, or non-head dismemberment should result in the immediate cancellation of VOs, but play the death VO (or fire/chem smoke VO as appropriate)

@depleted Some statistics:
Soundcard is Asus Z170 PRO GAMING/AURA Intel Z170 LGA 1151 ATX builtin SupremeFX 8-Channel High Definition Audio.
Headphones are HyperX Cloud Stinger.
No audio glitches or loops, other than the global "my car is my merry-go-round" bug... rofl.
Ping seems to be between 40-55. Now it was stable 52.
As I said, death sounds are horrible. Other sounds (including explosions) are badass.

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I totally agree. Some of the death cries are really awkward. Also, it's really terrible if you headshot someone and he or she keeps shouting "Watch out! There's a sniper who just shot my brains out five seconds ago and I'm still shouting!"

@mikma Are the death sounds your own or teammates, or both?

Honestly I can't say i've heard many if any bad death sounds, like nothing low quality or just terriblly cheesey and drawn out, I hear the gun fire, the crack of the supersonic rounds, the explosions, the legs breaking (death by gravity), and then usually it's silent unless it's the death whimper - that's really the only one that stands out for me.

However I can say that the female character model (security) has a really bad deathsound which i've only had to hear two/three times. I've not yet seen a (close by) teammate lose his or her head while they are in the middle of the character voicing something, although I've removed many a head and not heard anything but the satisfying squish as their head pops like a melon.

@depleted About both. I play extremely offensive Breacher and usually I try to shoot them in the face with shotgun. So I hear those annoying screams quite alot.