Do we keep our Beta progress on Release?

Do we keep our EXP, levels, unlocks that we made in this Beta on Release? There was a wipe from Beta 1 to Beta 2, which was fine i guess, we only lost what we made on one weekend, and I heard there would have been a wipe in the september release. losing 3 months of playing and leveling/unlocking and having to do everything over would be mildly infuriating...

good question! I would like to know as well

I read somewhere this was not happening, however things change and im sure this could change as well if they feel like it. Do keep in mind youll be able to purchase cosmetic items with real money and if they let you keep your current cosmetics youd be less incentivized to spend real money (hint hint), not saying theyll do this for but seeing as I think theyve stated we will lose our progress on release, itd be a smart business descision to wipe everyones cosmetics on release like previouslty stated.

That said, id love to keep my stuff, but starting over isnt that bad.

yes, I already thought about that. that would a d*** move like EA or whoever would do, NWI should be better than that.
It would be nice to get to keep my stuff for for pre-ordering and giving them feedback and such... let's see it as a "pre-order bonus" ^^

Its not a dick move because they already said they were gonna do it, itd only be a saint-tier move if they changed their minds now.

We've been talking internally about how to handle this since the release date change. We will most likely have to wipe at some point since there have been exploits to accrue points, changes to how many points you earn and we've even taken away certain cosmetic items.

However, we are trying to figure out what we can do for people that have been helping us test. Stay tuned.

Perfect, no doubt a wipe will be needed on release no reason why there shouldn't be one. Though giving away some free credits or free choice of cosmetic's when the game comes out would also be perfect. But we are with you guys on resetting, but atleast give us something for the work, im sitting at lvl 46 already.