After a few games, here is a list of things I feel can help improve Sandstorm. I'll post my PC specs at the end. Hope this helps.


-The loadout screen does not reflect the selected magazine loadout. This was apparent after I selected the drum magazine; it remained the standard 30-clip. Unsure at this time if other loadouts are also not being shown.

  • In the Key Binding Options, the Enter and Escape keys do not work when provided a confirmation message if a command is about to be overwritten. Instead, the mouse must be used, even though these keys are prompted.


  • Zoomed in scopes drop the frame-rate considerably, I expect this is a common issue right now for everyone.
  • There is a mouse lag when moving the cursor over the Main Menu buttons to the left of the screen, resulting is a delay when these buttons are highlighted. I do not notice the lag when the cursor moves over the rest of the screen.

Quality of Life Suggestions:

-Make the Map toggle by default should bind to the M key instead of the loadout screen. This is default on a wide variety of FPS games (including Insurgency Mod I believe). It just feels natural to assume it should be M key. The loadout screen could be the comma key instead.

Here are my PC specs:

  • i7 4790K @4ghz
  • Nvidia GTX970
  • 32GB DDR3 RAM @ 1866mhz
    -Samsung 840 500GB SSD



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