Key rebind say keys are "UNKNOWN" - help!

I used number page as my movement keys. I'm a Lefty.

WASD already has arrows as double for movement, but I want to also move some of the other essentials to the number keypad.

When I try to assign move gear stick to Page Down(PgDn) on either NumberPad OR pressing the stand alone button it says key is "unknown". This happens for Del on NumberPad and stand alone delete as well. And happens on several other keys. Also, it will only let me assign "unknown" to one option. So I assigned PgDn to Gear stick
where it says key is "unknown" and then tried to use Del for Handbrake but it said "unknown" was already bound to Gear stick.

Also, in several places the key just refuses to even acknowledge my key press to bind the key.

I sure hope there is a bug fix for this!

Hi there!

Thanks for raising this, I've passed it along to the team. We'll get this investigated.

Edit: I've heard back now - the controls do appear as unknown, but you should still be able to use these keys to do what you want them to.

If they don't work at all, could you let me know?

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