Mosin doesn't kill at all!

In coop in on canyon, i had to hit the enemies 3x with mosin to kill!
I mean is mosin under-powered or what?

I didnt seem to have any issues in testing it just now, and that's including without long barrel, through concrete

Yeah I think sniper rifles should be 1-hit kill most of the time. Even with heavy armor. Another solution would be to make someone slow down significantly or fall down when they get hit. Wearing armor, a round as big as .308 or 762x54R should at least put you on your ass with the wind knocked out of you and multiple broken ribs.

@biass On PVP the Mosin is definitely ineffective against players with heavy armor. I have tried many times to do well with a standard Mosin, close and long range, and there is no reason to use it instead of the SVD.

@tango1 Please stop. This has nothing to do with armor, armor doesn't do anything. Many of us have labbed it extensively and it does not do anything.

This was a problem with damage registration which was supposed to be fixed in today's patch.

Major Fixes
Fixed an issue with bullets where damage dealt could fluctuate from intended values, improving reliability of bullet damage calculation.

@doghead I did notice more 1-shot kills with the SVD today. I haven't used the mosin after the patch so I will have to try it again.

Mosin should either one shot kill, slow them down for a follow up shot, or make the mosin fast like BF5 for the follow up shot.