XBox controller takes over

I often have an XBox controller plugged in for other games, after a couple of games it takes over the keyboard even if I don't use it (menus and HUD show XBox controller symbbolgy) and I can't control the game anymore with keyboard and mouse, even if I remove the XBox controller.
Only way to regain control is to kill the game, make sure the controller is unplugged and restart the game.

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Yes i was about to make a Post about this too.
Please add a "Disable Controller" Button or something like that.
I dont wanna disconnect the Controller everytime i wanna play Insurgency.

Hi, I'll pass this along to the team, I've seen a couple of posts asking about this.

@thefoxyone good one, I looked for a similar topic before posting but I missed it, probably because it's written "XB1" and not "XBOX" that I searched. I should have just looked for "controller" haha

If I compare to other games, the way it is implemented is that the controller takes over if input is detected on it (which can happen if you move it out of the way, etc).
The keyboard/mouse takes ownership back if input is detected on it. That last part is what doesn't happen in insurgency.

This should work for you cos once you set it up, any controller input that is mapped to keys show up as keyboard input.

I initially had this set up with a Steam controller for Rainbow Six which is one of those games that doesn't let you change your controller mappings. & wont let you use both K/M & controller at the same time

Then i realized it will work for any controller, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Pro, so am using my old xbox 360 wired controller & mouse

The Steam controller incidentally is pretty good, but also a bit clunky. & for some reason made me feel start to feel nauseous in FPS games

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Same thing happens in pubg, even if the controller is not used the UI changes to controller UI.

Its maybe a UE4 thing.

Maybe you could make a .bat file to run that disables the controller and then launches insurgency.

And a bat file to enable the controller again.

Both put on ur desktop.

Ill look into it if anyone is interested.