Hit Registration, character direction orientation, and weird shooting bug.

So I have noticed very bad hit registration when firing at targets that I know I am hitting but somehow they survive all of my bullets. I notice this a lot and there isn't much to be said about it.

This is a hard one to describe with just a few words but for some reason I see players looking directions that they are actually not looking. Some players appear to be looking forward but kill enemy players to their right. I know this because I've seen teammates kill enemies that are behind them while looking the complete opposite direction, and have been killed by enemies that aren't looking at me when I see them firing. One time I was behind someone and they shot me and I knew it was them because there was nobody else around and they were using the exact gun that killed me and after I died it showed there name and I was killed by that same person before, so clearly there is something wrong.

Last but not least for no reason at all my gun stops firing and then begins to, what I can only describe as almost like burst fire but without set numbers on the rounds fired they aren't in intervals just random and on weapons that don't have that option just semi and full auto. It usually fires two or three rounds stops fires one then I click again after I've completely seised fire and then it fires 5 rounds and then stops again despite there being no reason to stop. My mouse works fine and I hold left click yet that happens still and it has killed me more times than I can count or lost me kills because I randomly stop firing. My mags are full and nothing is blocking my gun from being extended outward.

I'm convinced that players are almost never looking exactly where their character seems to be looking until they ADS (aim down sights). This is why there are so many instances where when someone is hipfiring, it lookings like their bullets leave the gun sideways. Or if someone (or a bot) spins on you really fast and shoots you without aiming down sights, it can often look like they weren't even aimed in your general direction when they killed you.

If you want to know what I mean, sit in observer and watch in 3rd person people who use lasersights. The lasersights show (at all times exactly where the center of the players screen is. And almost 90% of the time it's only vaguely where their character model is pointing.

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