I've put 18 hours into the beta and have a bit of feedback for you devs, assuming you see it. This is coming from an exclusively co-op player and I have no input regarding PVP re: balance etc.

  • Something needs to be done to increase accuracy falloff/scope sway for the ADADADAD sidesteppers. It's ridiculous to see and I imagine is a huge problem in PVP, but seeing it in coop is just kinda sad. If a player moves while readying the scope I feel like sway should be increased quite a bit to encourage aiming over doing the Syrian Shuffle.
  • The shotguns feel completely and utterly perfect. They're satisfyingly devastating when you actually hit and the pump is just slow enough to punish you if you miss and this is exactly how I want a shotgun to feel. Please for the love of God do not change them in any way shape or form. I love them so much.
  • Chemical mortars need a slightly increased radius. I feel like choosing a gas mask should be more of an imperative; as it is Insurgents feel underpowered as far as call-ins go.
  • Bots often call in two artillery strikes at the same time (for example, smoke and chemical at the same time), something players cannot do. I assume this is a bug, but considering this bug still exists in DOI I'd really like to see it fixed before/in time for release.
  • Explosive weapons, specifically C4, IED and launchers (RPG etc) need to have an increased radius. It's really frustrating to hit the wall three feet behind an enemy with an RPG and they're fine, and this happens very often.
  • I know that this is something being actively monitored during this beta but I feel that customization prices are slightly too high and/or credit income is too low. I did the math and found that to get my Security guy looking the way I want will cost 5400 credits, which comes out to roughly 54 hours of gametime to unlock. I understand that making your dude look epic tacticool etc should be a process and not instant, but that's all it feels like: time over skill. In my opinion this is part of what's wrong with Rising Storm 2; the absolutely glacial rate of XP gain/cosmetic unlocks steered a lot of people away. I know that you've got plans regarding this but that's my two cents on it.
  • On that note, maybe achievement specific cosmetics? Nothing crazy but I liked how in Day of Infamy when I got x amount of headshots with y gun I'd unlock a different wood pattern or a cloth wrap. Unlocking a silly baseball cap saying DONGSLAYER for 100 crotch shots or something would be fun and would add some much-needed variation and depth, and would give players something to work towards aside from "only two more hours and I can buy new pants".
  • The rifle/long gun melee animation is kinda lame. A rifle-butt animation would be much more welcome than the weird sideswipe with some weapons or the "stab you even though I don't have a bayonet" animation with the LMGs.
  • I recommend that in co-op at least you go back to limiting certain weapons to certain sides. It just helps each side feel unique and personally I kinda like how when I played Security I'd leap for the Gunner class because I love the M249, but I can't stand the PKM so when Insurgent I'd go Breacher or Demolitions. Giving the separate sides different character is fun if you ask me. I can hope this will be a server-specific switch an admin can flip but just my two cents on that one too.

Overall great job. I already feel like I got my money's worth and it's only getting better.