New distribution/Plants

So I've been wondering this for a while, would it be possible to make a new distribution/plants/models with winch points that are not trees?

Here in Iceland we don't really have trees, we make do with everything else, telephone poles or even go big and make a tow point into a big rock(Drilling and everything)

I'm actually working on a winch point in a rock for a certain crawling area. Trying to get it just right.

But you can add:
<WinchSocket Pos="(0; 0.6; 0)" ParentFrame="BoneRoot_cdt" />
to a model and create the proper cdt for it.
You could really add a winch point to anything.

I was actually thinking of doing some ground winch points for really difficult obstacles but i'm still seeing what I like done.

I'll let you know what I come up with.

@89cherokeelimit Please do 🙂
On a side note I'm guessing you have an 89 cherokee limited? I've got an 87 limited 😛

Sorry been slammed so haven't been working on things much in the past few days but finally getting some time today.

I have an 89 Limited with a 6.5" lift and 35". Swapped the T-case to a 231NP. 4.56 yukon gears, CV axle shafts, and t-case SYE kit, detroit lockers front and rear.