Dear Focus Home Interactive Team and Community,

Listed below are major issues I see in Insurgency Sandstorm's beta right now that I would like to see fixed in a future update. Please before reading this don't take my comments with negativity, I would like to see this game become as successful as the previous Insurgency if not more. Listed below is a small number of issues I see currently with the game that are major issues, I do have more feedback, but I don't want to overload this post. Also this is my first post on the forms, sorry for any issues with this post.

~Security reload glitch. (When reloading any pistol to top off your gun on the Security force it seems to fail to recognize the new magazine in your gun. If you don't reload a 2nd time your pistol will not have a magazine in it).

~Hair style glitch. (When viewing other player models their hair styles aren't properly displayed and you see half bald half half haired textured models running around).

~Player vs player hitbox registration. (hit reg seems to be a bit off for player models).

~Player vs environment hitbox registration. (Rock in the environment seem to hinder game play by blocking player's interaction with the environment climbing, shooting, etc. Ex: The map Summit I tried shooting someone while leaning over a rock, only to have all my bullets be blocked by an invisible wall and be killed in return).

~Next match display issue. ( When a match is finished and the player has gone back to the main menu for the end match status, the next match option in the top of the screen is way too hard to see. I played a good 10-15 matches before even noticing it was there. My own advice would be to make the next match option more visible to the player, or even implementing the next match option from the previous Insurgency).

~Server Browser. (An Option for this can keep the game more populated).

~Unbalanced spawns for defenders on Push. ( Defenders seem to have a overpowered advantage over the attacking force by spawn too close to the objective, making it nearly impossible for attackers to capture. Taking a look at where teams should spawn can help with unbalanced matches).