Modding? Missing the old custom servers of the past

Will fully modded servers be a thing in the future? The Sernix coop servers from Insurgency are what got me into the game. Will we be able to see the same sort of customization in Sandstorm?

I hope so.

With the game now being in the Unreal engine, Unreal handles modding differently to the Source engine, we have to use the sdk and make mutators/mods which are optionally loaded as replacements/additions, with Source we simply overwrote local files which made clientside changes.

The new mods will probably need to be whitelisted in order to work in multiplayer/serverside to prevent people making material texture hacks (brightly coloured characters and weapons/utility items) but in theory everything can still be modded, so 12 man checkpoint 100 supply point servers with 30 bots per person and extra weapons/customisations should still be a thing.

I for one miss the crazy servers, especially those which had stats and player ranks.