While I have played Insurgency: sandstorm 30h in coop mode, I noticed some point.

About game system

  1. AP ammo
    I know you decrease heavy/light armor effectiveness in September 6 patch, But It still too hard. So I think we need AP/HP ammo like previous Insurgency.

  2. Dot sight
    Some Dot sight and holographic sight reticle is too blured.

  3. Weapon accessary constraint
    I think some weapon accessary constraint is inscrutable.
    For example, I understand 7X scope can used by only sniper, but why can't greased bolt used by other class.

  4. Respawn point
    I think respawn point is not good. Especially in respawn before final defend, We can't make it in time for reach defending zone.

Other demand

  1. I wish I can play in indoor map like embassy and ministry in previous Insurgency.

  2. I wish Insurgency: sandstorm support steam workshop aftar release date.

I really like this game, thank you for development.