End of round disconnect

I have noticed at the end of the round the program disconnects everyone. Because of this you end up getting placed into another round half way through, I find it hard to play a full round with people. A good bug fix would allow the same players to keep playing with the people they are with in the next round?

This is by design for the beta. It prevents the same players occupying the limited number of servers for long periods of time preventing other players from being able to join a server and play. It also gives the devs a lot of data for their matchmaking system (because everyone has to use it after each game), which is extremely valuable for user experience further down the line as matchmaking is improved. So for now, it’s an inconvenience we have to come to terms with until server browser is added.

The beta is testing the match making system. Also it needs the player to click on Next Match in order to continue, this ensure AFK players are not in the match making queue.

I would assume by right, the match making(MM) system will sort the players according to rank, in order to balance 'skill' and experience levels. Also MM will match a party of up to 8 players into an appropriate server where there is slot or put them into an empty server and match other players to fill in the other side.

Once server files are released to server hosters, you can join a regular server through the browser. And I assume we may get to vote for next match as we used to.