Some Weapons Suggestions

Hello dear developers,

I know this is absolutely not the priority right now, but you'll mind to consider adding those weapons in the future:

  • AK-100 serie and particularly the carbine versions 105/104. Or at least a modernized aftermaket versions of the AKs in the game. (for the security team maybe)
  • The AS VAL or the SR-3 (for the advisor)
  • The Scorpion Vz. 61 and the Scorpion EVO 3 (for the advisor and the breacher)

I think this will suit very well the advisor and breacher class. Anyway I would like to say you're doing an awesome job and kudos to your 3D animators.

I'd like to see more carbines, shotguns, and smgs, especially ones which are unique in their own way and stand out - the Scorpian vz.61 , the SR-3 and the AS VAL are sound choices tbh and I would not mind if these guns were added along with the VSS Vintorez cus yano you gotta get the full package; Assault Rifle > Special Automatic Rifle > Sniper Rifle, all with their unique design 😃

The scorpian EVO 3 would just be another handgun, I play airsoft and some of the guys at my local spot have EVO 3 kits for their glocks, you get a little bit more accuracy due to the extended barrel (muzzle velocity), and you get more rails for tactical attachments, but you still retain the stopping power of a 9mm; it would still be cool if it was added as after all variety is the spice of life.

I could see myself doing evo 3 runs on the more CQB heavy maps, it would be similar to playing ministry checkpoint with a decked out makarov and utility only.

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Gib model 10 pl0x

I need to shame people, darnit

Truth be told, I'd also like to see a 1-point sling attachment for fast-swapping to primary weapons,, and a 3-point sling that reduces sway while suppressed at the cost of slightly slower swapping.

Additionally, a Galil for INS Advisor would be nice.

Right now, I don't feel great about the bolt-action rifles though.

Stripper Clips need to behave similar to magazines; but instead changing them out, ammo is skimmed off the current stripper clip until empty. Fast-loading disposes of the stripper clip, regardless of rounds left after topping up. The animation would look similar to SQUAD's SKS reload (Except the mosin bolt is manually cycled forward)
Youtube Video – [10:12..]

Players should also be able to spend points on an M40 detachable box magazine. While Remington makes them with internal mags, you can order boxes, and I think SEC forces should reflect that ability.

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@tiger-stripe Your suggestions are good, personally i like the M16s in Sandstorm but has the penetration been nerfed/downgraded for them? I remember them having 6800-like joules of penetration.

I'd like some more choices in SMGs, personally. Right now we only have the MP7 and Uzi.

I'd like to see some modern-looking weapons, like Remington RSASS R11.