Release Date Delay

It may suck but I want to see this game come out more polished than 'AAA' titles do.

I think it is a great decision because it shows me my money is well invested as you guys are taking the finished product seriously and not just out to grab peoples money and build hype. Quite frankly this game is under hyped and humble!
I do hope you guys release little hot fixes is the beta environment and test ideas against the community 🙂

I'm busting for full release but I can wait a few months; keep communicating with the fans and let us know what's going on (where plausible) I think you guys are doing great listening and implementing what the people are saying, and that shit isn't easy!

Good luck Devs!

What do you guys think? Worth the wait or has this move annoyed you and put you off? Are you glad about what they are focusing on for full release?


Definitly worth the wait
Nwi are the best devs out there!
And are one of the few devs who realy care about ther game and actualy listen to the comunnity Thank you For that and Thank you For all your hard work

The delay was very much needed and it was the correct decision.

The technical aspects of the game are simply not ready.
The aspects of the gamepay are also in a bad situation right now and some things seem to contradict each other.

All of this needs some work and I am happy they made this decision. If they would have released the game next wee, the game would have suffered from a lot of refunds and a lot of bad reviews. Since this is a small nice game it would have probably have killed the game in 6 months.

Yeah I agree. The will always be people that don't like it and will refund straight away but if they released it would've pushed some people away that were waiting. I would like to know more about the single player they mentioned. Will we be getting that when consoles get the release? I think single player Ins style would be awesome and they could create something on par with Battlefield 3's story.

respect the delay just hope we get to see those bots in push and firefight.