Staryoshi's big Gamemode suggestion post

Partially brainstormed on the discord.

Lets take a look at PVP first:

Small Skirmish
This could be called Contact or something similar. This is classic skirmish with supply caches instead of fuel trucks, on firefight-sized maps.
Fire support would be disabled.

Strike and Elimination
Strike from Ins2 was very fun. For those who don't know, it was like push but involved 3 caches, and could be done in any order.
Elimination was similar, but single-life and you only had to destroy one cache of two (like bomb defuse from CS:GO). This could be a competitive mode on firefight-sized maps.
Fire support would be disabled on Elimination at least.

Re-imagined Ambush
So, brainstorming on the discord gave us this amazing idea.
How ambush in Sandstorm would work is:
-The team with a VIP start in a convoy of vehicles. They spawn from their teams side of the map (same location as checkpoint), and their convoy takes a random route across the map, to the enemy teams entrance point (from Checkpoint again). Obviously if the map has less roads the route will be fairly similar most rounds.
-At some point, the convoy will be ambushed. The front vehicle will be destroyed and everyone will get out of the vehicles (including VIP).
-Enemies spawn nearby, and two extraction points are randomly selected.
-The VIP must get to one of these extraction points.
This actually gives the sense of an 'ambush', living up to it's title.
An alternate version could be a pilot crashing in a random location on the map.
Disable fire support on this.

Escort (payload)
In this mode, it is similar to Push but you are moving a vehicle instead. Similar to Ambush, you are taking a vehicle across the map through a random route from one entrance point to another. This vehicle could perhaps be a tank, or just be an APC.
This vehicle is indestructible, and only moves forward when people are near it. If left alone, it reverses.
As the vehicle pushes forward, defender spawns are procedurally moved backwards, and attackers move forwards. Or alternatively you can have a few capture points that add waves and change the spawns.
You could maybe disable fire support on this one.

See 'Operation' for Coop

Now, onto the Coop scenarios:

We know this is planned for the future, but I'd like to make a couple of suggestions for how it could work out.
First of all, it would be nice to have enemy trucks enter at the start of each wave (similar to the start of checkpoint).
Additionally, it would be nice if each wave beyond the first had some sort of 'effect' by the AI enemies. All types of artillery listed here will be focused specifically on the building the players are defending. These have no limit to how many times they can happen.
For both teams:
-Explosive or smoke artillery (sirens go off for explosive and the enemies keep their distance).
-Technicals, where throughout the waves enemies will arrive on technicals.
For Security:
-A-10, which will perform multiple small strafes before leaving.
-Either of the helicopter supports, which will be more resilient to damage and stay until either it is destroyed or till the end of the wave.
-Tank, in which the enemy Security AI will bring in a tank. I suppose it would be destructible with explosives, or maybe have limited ammo. Obviously leaves at the end of the wave.
For Insurgents:
-Chemical mortar, for the duration that this is active all enemies wear gas masks. Otherwise they will randomly spawn with one in the inventory if either the players or the AI have chemical mortars available.
-Rocket barrage, similar to explosive artillery.
-IED drones, where multiple explosive drones will appear during the wave and perhaps insurgents can even carry them and toss them out.
-Bomber drones, similar to A-10 for security but with bomber drones instead. They will drop smaller patches of grenades.
-Suicide Bombers, where more of them will spawn in a round.
-Flamethrowers, where enemy Insurgents will spawn with makeshift flamethrowers occasionally.

In addition to this, the AI enemies will also have access to regular fire support, which acts as normal and they can be brought in at any time (please bring back the A-10 to Security AI). Once depleted, Commanders and Observers stop spawning. The players obviously have their own fire support too.

Hunt and Survival
It would be really nice to bring these modes back, as I think they will work very well on the large maps.
For those who don't know, hunt was a single-life mode in which you had to eliminate all insurgents on the map and destroy a cache that was in one of three different locations. I imagine that in sandstorm you could have many more insurgents and more caches. As for survival, it involved running around between 'safehouses', earning points so that you could get better gear. You started with only 1-2 points, and weapon/equipment price was ramped up.
You could disable fire support on both of these.

This was a mode that NWI has mentioned but we don't really know what it is. My guess is that it's some sort of story-based mode with maps made uniquely for it and with unique objectives, such as 'destroy this radio tower' or 'plant charges around the base'. I suppose you could compare it to COD: WW2 war mode, but hopefully much better. The PVP 'Scenario' could be a multiplayer version that is more balanced (e.g. spawn waves and fairer objectives).

Now for stuff about the tutorial:

The initial section of the tutorial would be similar to Ins1. You'd be a relatively default character, and be doing basic training. At some point you'd join other recruits and watch an A-10 demonstration on a target.
Later on, the counter-attack would happen with smoke artillery. You'd then be rocket barraged and have to run to avoid dying. You could also then have explosive mortars while defending with the instructor, with maybe some cool pre-baked destruction.
Then, you'd meet up with other recruits and instructor would use an observer to call for support. Eventually Assassin would enter with her helicopter and US forces would appear on the ground. It would end here.

Now we also could have a chance for 'scenarios', using multiplayer maps with special missions. I suggested this in the alpha but I'll suggest again.

Scenario 1
You are a security member with:
-M4A1 with foregrip and 1x Holographic
-Glock pistol
-Heavy armour and carrier
-Three m67 Frags
This takes place on refinery and mostly involves objectives. This is designed to teach the player about basic gameplay and objectives such as points and caches.

Scenario 2
You are an insurgent observer with:
-SKS with foregrip and 2x kobra
-M1911 pistol
-Light armour and carrier
-Molotov and Frag
This scenario takes place on Farmhouse and involves you following a commander and having him call in fire support. It roughly follows the Farmhouse insurgent checkpoint. He starts off with IED drones on A, then you have to defend B and he calls mortars over at C (by the canals). He then uses smoke mortars to help cover the players. While heading to D, a technical appears on the road, and mows down your teammates. He calls bomber drones to get rid of it. He then sees the security fuel depot in the distance and rocket barrages it. Finally, as you head to F. He calls gas mortars. He hands you a gas mask and a prompt appears telling you how to activate it. Once put on it can't be removed, and the request isn't confirmed until you put it on. You enter the gassed out building, with security members coughing and writhing, a couple still alive wearing gas masks. You then have to fight a counter attack and it finishes.

Scenario 3
You are a security Commander with:
-G36K with Red dot and foregrip.
-M45 pistol
-Heavy armour and light carrier
-Smoke grenade
You start with a small scene running up the hill on Hideout, near security spawn on checkpoint. You hide behind the sandbags as technical fire whips over your head. The bridge is covered in insurgents, so you are asked to A-10 gunrun it. As you move forward, you get sniped at from a distant building, so you use explosive mortars to clear them out, then smoke to help you approach the capture point. While inside, a huge counterattack starts, and you are panickedly asked to call in a helicopter. Once you do, it quickly mows down all insurgents. If you call in minigun support, it also works.

Scenario 4
You are an insurgent with:
-Light armour and heavy carrier
This starts on Crossing near insurgent spawn. You are placed on a technical's gun and asked to protect the driver (he ducks behind the wheel when fired at to make it less annoying). When you make it to the security station (last point on insurgent checkpoint), a helicopter appears and you get off just before it blows up. You now have to take it down with your RPG. You can also resupply inside, or grab various AT4s spread around the compound (or a hidden M3 launcher). There will also be security members to fight.

Anyway, that's my list of ideas for now. Hope some of these sound decent at least.

Similar to small skirmish.

What about pvp gamemode when there's multiple supply point in map, and when people die with expensive equipment, they lose all stack of cp (customization point), and have to replenish it in other supply point. Respawn will be on supply point.

When enemy destroyes the supply, the team will lose portion of 'team supply' point. When they lose all of the points, the team lose the game.

The team can't just bring pistol to save cp because they will lose their supply points, but they can't bring expensive equipments because they know they will lose greatly if they die. Risk and return.

They should also do it so they can take enemy's weapon and armor when they kill it.

They should also allow commanders to use support commands, but in cost of cps (or team points).

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@staryoshi06 said in Staryoshi's big Gamemode suggestion post:

Re-imagined Ambush

After watching the exact same scenario play out for about 40000000 times, a random player who has an at best 5% chance of actually knowing what to do must randomly run through an enemy gunline without dying in order to reach a cap, if they don't instantaneously get hit with a rocket or worse, a prenade coming out of spawn, great.

Not going to lie to you, this sounds terrible. This sounds terrible because of the both A: massive amount of variables and B: too heavily scripted gameplay. I know people want others to die on a cap point instead of away from said but if you force their hand they'll hate it.

Escort (payload)

This is amazing in overwatch but will be absolutely frustrating here. they're just gonna try and hide behind some box when enemy players can just sit there and throw explosives and mg fire onto the box? no thanks. OW has proper gameplay loops of teamfights, payload management, staggering spawns to run down the time, etc. Insurgency will have headless chickens.

I think you're trying too hard. Personally? just remake hardpoint from cod or whatever it was called. After a certain amount of time a cap point is revealed and then after another timer whoever is holding it gains spawn waves, repeat. last team standing.

You already have operation in the local play.

@biass I think you misunderstood what I meant by Operation.
Also the reason I put re-imagined ambush here was because one of the most well-known players (Marksman Max) liked it.
EDIT: When I said Operation, I meant cooperative multiplayer with story-based objectives and custom-made maps for it.

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@staryoshi06 I appreciate the compliment, but I'm definitely not super-well-known lmao.

Granted, I'd definitely get recognized by other key players in the Ambush community.