Add An Option to Edit Key Binding for Car Horn for the Technicals (Suggestion)

Sounds impractical and stupid for a game like INS:S, but I believe a car horn has its uses.

A car horn can alert allies to get out of the way, call allies that their ride has arrived, and to humorously alert an unexpecting solider that's going to turn into road kill.

[EDIT: From what I've been told, there is a way to honk the technical's horn, but I believe that it's not widely known and that the key binds from the Settings menu doesn't show that, so developers should just add in a key bind option to edit the controls to honk.]

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@bluemouse It is already there though...

@io543 Really? I've checked the controls, and there doesn't seem to be a way to honk.

@bluemouse either middle mouse or L I think?

@io543 I don't think this is well-known throughout the BETA players.

Luckily I have proof of this since I have played a lot of rounds of P.V.P. with a lot of players driving technicals, and not once I heard a honk at all. Some were quickly taken out, but there were some who stayed safe, but never honked before. Not even in spawn I hear a honk (I know it's too obvious to see that someone can hitch a ride when hearing the engine from spawn, but a couple of honks can alert more people into getting a ride).

You must of messed around with the controls, found this control on accident, or someone else figured it out, but it's not well-known on how to use the car horn, so I'm going to change this title's post into something more specific and correct.

@bluemouse No, I realised quite soon when other players have been spamming it non-stop. It is quite common from what I've seen.

It's spacebar for me to do the horn.