Add the FAL rifle for Insurgent's Marksman Class (Suggestion)

Don't know if this will cause balance issues, but the Insurgent's Marksman Class should be able to use the FAL rifle as a counter select-fire battle rifle to Security's M14 EBR.

Not like the Insurgent faction is underpowered with their Marksman class. The Mosin rifle gets to have the stripper clip modification and the SVD is the strongest Semi-Auto-only rifle in the game, but to combat against Security's M14 EBR, the FAL is needed to balance the asymmetric weaponry between factions.

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Interesting, because you know what, when you pick the advisor class and shoot at AI with the FAL w/ x1 kobra, they shout "SNIPER!" even though I'm really not and I'm 30m away from them lol.

It could be added, but how but the VSS Vintorez. Wouldn't that be spicy. Some Info from Wikipedia:

'It uses subsonic 9×39 mm SP-5 cartridge to avoid a sonic boom. The bullet of this cartridge weighs about twice as much as that of the 9×19mm Parabellum, giving it a muzzle energy about twice as high as that of a subsonic 9×19mm Parabellum bullet fired from e.g. a HK MP5SD.

Additionally, the bullet is very effective at penetrating body armor. It is equipped with a hardened steel or tungsten tip and can penetrate a 6 mm (0.2 in) high-density steel plate at 100 m; a 2 mm (0.08 in) steel plate or a standard army helmet can be fully penetrated at 500 m.'

It would start off with 10-round mags but there would be an extended mag option to make it 20 rounds. It can be fired semi / full auto and is suppressed integrally. New weapons would make the 'classes' more unique instead of constantly sharing weapons, then what's the point of classes.

New guns > sharing existing guns imo, although 20-round full auto marksman rifles that would be used by Insurgents is a tough one, not that many.

@jarple Honestly I feel that insurgents having VSS Vintorez rifles is too ridiculous.

Even if they managed to gather enough VSS Vintorez rifles for thousands of insurgents to use by discovering weapon caches, the rifle's ammo is too rare compared with other caliburs, especially the fact that particular ammo is only sold by the Russian (unless there was a way to buy them through a third party, and then get them to the insurgent faction, but that'll take too long considering the more common ammo around war zones).

Also for a specialized rifle like that, I don't think insurgent leaders would offer that kind of rifle to the majority of their numbers, like only for a specialized inner circle of elite insurgents to utilize.

The insurgents in INS:S are more like grunts, only to be given old, but plentiful, Soviet rifles with very few modern weapons; the only modern weapon I see in the Insurgent faction's weaponry is the M9.

Then again, it's just a game. It'll be very interesting for an armor-piercing Select-Fire suppressed sniper rifle to be in the hands of the Insurgent faction. But in the end, I feel that the FAL is still an appropriate weapon over the VSS Vintorez since it's old, but plentiful and gets the job done as a battle rifle.

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The VSS is definitely a stretch no doubt, but this game already stretches things, LIKE NO ACOG FOR SECURITY LOL. It's just such a unique weapon that fulfills what the marksman class is. What other 20-round auto marksman rifles are there? I'd just prefer new/different weapons over copy paste sharing of weapons.

@jarple Yeah, I still feel awkward with using the ACOG scope from the Insurgent faction, but back in INS, they have the x2 scope, so I guess there's not that much time to think up or add in new 3D models just to keep the realistic style consistent.

I have a couple of ideas for other select-fire battle rifles:

Both AK-influenced, common, and cheap? to buy while also using common ammunitions.