Convert Insurgency (INS2) Maps for Future Maps in Future Update (Please Add)

I've been a long-time player of INS since I love the gunplay and especially the maps. I believe that the maps have made INS great; Market, Tell, Revolt, Station, etc. are all great well-balanced maps.

If it's compatible with INS:S's game and gunplay, it'll be sweet to play on those maps again remixed in the Unreal Engine!

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Any maps that are from the Insurgency will be ported over by modders. From what I've heard, there is a few working on this.

@kraeyq Sweet.

But specifically, it'll be awesome if the developers themselves recreate their own maps again to see what they would of changed, added, or took out after all of these years.

@bluemouse They're doing this by including elements of old maps in sandstorm. For example summit is sort of an extended Market in a way.
There's also some other stuff but I can't talk about it because NDA.

@kraeyq when NWI first released information on sandstorm being made they released screen shots of an insurgency map.

I dont know if this map is coming later or what but its an insurgency 2 map. And its not in game and its not being done by modders. This is from NWI.

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Sup man I have heard form numerous people since Closed Alpha that modders have actually finished the old maps already. On full release they will be there almost straight away 🙂

@max80 Damn you for making me want to say things that I can't.


I played alpah, and both betas. And never heard anything about maps. But if your a modder and know they are being worked on and ported over then great! I mean obviously there will be more maps in the future....but I really wanted confirmation on my favorites from insurgency 2. Either way im a happy camper!

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@max80 Wow, I almost forgot about this post. Before I just thought that they ported over their old maps just to demonstrate the graphical differences betweeen Source and UE4.

Didn't think that they are also in development of inlcuding the original Insurgency maps before.

@staryoshi06 Is the development of INS maps being ported/re-imagined in the UE4 engine by modders/NWI developers that kept secret? I'm surprised that more people haven't thought of asking or suggesting for remade INS maps.

Also when I played Summit, I immediately got Market vibes, specifically from the Security spawn from what I recall.

@bluemouse No it was something related to the CTA.