Spintires Editor Cant recover to garage

hi i am having problems with garage .. when i want to recover vehicle the option is not there on the map section of the game... it was there and was working fine but now i cant seem to get any garage working ... u spawn off fine and they unlock fine but cant recover to any ... has anyone had this problem ? or knows a solution i checked to see if any objects are blocking the locator but it has enough room ....

Hmm, Can't say that I have had that problem, not even when something is blocking the way.

only thing I can think of is the placement of the garage, Note: Recovering makes you spawn facing to the right in the left bottom corner of the garage.

maybe try having the garage unlocked?
or maybe the game is not sure which garage to send you to.

i have tried deleting locator deleting all models around replacing locator and only having one garage it still wont recover anything and does not show the option still to recover ...

edit found the fix it was the spawn locators on the spintires mod causing the issue thankyou @Kent_BoBo