Outdated weapons

Why does the security still use the M14 EBR when it was outmoded in favor of the M110 SASS? Why do they also use the M24 when all M24 rifles have been converted into the M2010 ESR?

These aren't huge issues, I just think it would lend the game a more authentic feel to use more modern weapons, especially if we're to believe it takes place in the current year.

@quadsword I guess due to the nature of the game being "ambiguous" in terms of it's conflict. But I think it is Iraqi insurgency for Ins2 and ISIS for sandstorm. And the Security side is mostly local militia or PMC

I think the game takes place around the Iraq war or something since most weapons are considered "oudated" today.

The "Security" of the game is not supposed to be strictly representative of the US military, it may not even be a national military at all (though, they clearly have US air support, and indirect fire support from some national military).

Both the M-14EBR and M-24 continue to serve in several military and semi-military units around the world.