Redo the level visuals

Sandstorm has some pretty bad visuals as of right now. Ins2 looks better than sandstorm. Maps have terrible visibility, boring colours, and inconsistent lighting. First off, a change in colour palette would be nice. Levels are washed out bland, adding more cooler and deeper colours would give sandstorm a lot more taste and prettiness imo. Contrast in a lot of maps should be increased aswell, especially Farmhouse.
The alpha 1 footage looked leagues better than what we have right now, and PUBG (another Unreal shooter) has much better map visuals and contrast. The delayed release date should give NWI plenty of time to make changes.

  • Sunny maps like Canyon and Mountain should have more moody, orange lighting
  • Hideout and Refinery should have more moody greenish-greyish lighting, resembling the alpha 1 footage
  • Shadows should be a lot sharper and have a lot more visibility
  • TAA or MSAA options
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Maybe what we need is eye adaptation. When you go inside a building, your eyes adapt, and the room seems less dark.

MSAA is a no go in Sandstorm. It looks like they're using a deferred renderer. When you're using deferred rendering, you can't have MSAA.