Question: Is there health regen in PvP?

If so, I think there needs to be some kind of indicator to give you a hint of how wounded you are. Not like a health bar or anything, maybe just the outside edge of your screen has a light bloody tinge/border shader effect. Idk but I feel like if a teammate accidentally shoots me then sometime later I get into a firefight only to die in one non-head-shot by a 5.56 also wearing heavy armor. With the high TTK right now (so I play with this in mind), I shouldn't die in one hit, just feels inconsistent and I'd like to eliminate this as a possible cause. So is there player health regen?

Resupplying from a supply crate will return your health to full (as listed in the Sept. 6 patch notes). This is the only way to regain health. This is the same as in Day of Infamy, in which damage was indicated by a darker/redder screen. I’m confident some kind of non-hud health display such as this will be added to sandstorm later.