Unarmored target should always be one shot kill on the chest by any calibers, 2 to the stomach from low caliber rounds (9x19, 9x18, 4.7x30)

Just like INS2, and it will make both light armor and heavy armor more useful.
Light armor should be able to stop 1-2 from 5.56 rounds, depending on the area you hit, providing better protection to limbs than unarmored, and 2 shots from pistol rounds. Both 7.62x39 and 7.62X51 should be able to one shot light armor. Heavy Armor should be able to stop 2-3 5.56 rounds, and 2 for 7.62x39, and 1-2 from 7.62x51, plus more resistance to explosive, and HA should be a lot more expensive with more mobility penalty.
A better solution is to make reduce ADS speed with heavy armor, reduce it to INS2 level, and with light armor or no armor, you should be able to have the current ADS speed. This encourages more play styles.
UPDATE: The latest patch increased weight for Armors which is great, the speed is perfect at the moment.

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Also AP rounds in the game (Bolt action rifles, MP7) should be more lethal since only a few guns have them now, this will also solve the "bolt action can't one hit kill" problem"

The time to kill must be lowered, to be the same as the TTK of the ins: source

@skynet Well I don't think everything one shot kill is good, the game should learn from RS2 damage model, to give the character a critical zone (heart, spine, or whatever), and it solves a lot of problems.
Also since health regenerating is removed from the game, I think it's fair to implement a bleed system, for example, a 5.56 round can cause more bleed than a 7.62x39 round does, but 7.62x39 will have more kinetic energy that knocks enemies out quicker.

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@ctbear1996 ins:source isn't hit kill for everthing... Actually on sandstorm nor sniper is killing with 1 chest shot

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It makes me question the value of light armor if I can still survive damage even without it. Not to mention it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If you're not wearing armor, those bullets are falling on your unarmored skin, right? In that case, getting shot by pretty much anything should be instantly fatal unless it's like a small pistol caliber being fired from long range.

@quadsword No, like I said, unarmored should always be one shot kill unless it's out of effective range of a gun (like if you hit a guy with m9 at 100 meters, he obviously will survive). Light armor can stop 1-2 rounds from 5.56 and 2 from 9 mm, depending on the area you hit (1 to the center mass, 2 to the stomach, and 9mm will always be 2 at an effective range) Light armor should also provide a minimal resistance to frag grenade, which is better than no armor, but it still slows you down a little bit, and both armors should be a lot more expensive!

@quadsword Older 9m rounds would get negated by thick winter jackets before the HP ammo was properly fused with its copper jacket.

Even if you don't have an armor plate on I guess you're still carrying a kit with mags and stuff in it which could absorb some of the energy for you.

Heavy Armor should be able to stop 2-3 5.56 rounds, and 1-2 for 7.62x39, and 2 from 7.62x51

Was 2 shots of 7.62x51 a typo? It's a bigger bullet, much bigger. The civilian equivalent .308 winmag is used to hunt big game like bison and grizzly in bolt actions rifles.

@benz Why not? Tell us. Let's have a discussion.

@quadsword no, sorry. there are already 1000 of those threads, we don't need another one. Stuff has been "discussed" enough and now it's up to the devs to decide what to do.

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@quadsword He wants to play CS:GO in Insurgency

This @Benz is posting shit on all the topics that talk about TTK, my friend go play rainbow six / cod / bf, insurgency is not for you

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@benz Hey benz, how about you need two magazines to kill a guy with an AK? Will that satisfies you? I'm not even suggesting one shot to kill armored target here lmao

And I'm not allowed to suggest things with my opinion? @Benz You can keep dreaming about the ultra-competitive fantasy in Insurgency, but sadly, it won't happen because competitive players are the minority since INS2, nobody takes this game seriously like E-sport shooter, there are plenty already on the market.
However, I don't really mind having a spread damage model for competitive though, hope devs also make a consideration in the future.

@skynet Division is better, very high TTK and lots of try hard.

@doghead No, actually a lot of modern armor plate is able to stop .308 rounds, some AR500 for examples, they are rated level four at least.

@ctbear1996 sure but you put it at more shots than 7.62x39 which is a smaller round