New Release Date in December

Good luck guys ! Keep working like this !

You are doing an insane job with these hotfixes so far and I am really excited about what is going on !
The game is, and will get more awesome days by days !

Love you all!

All good guys! I can wait a bit longer! THANK YOU.

It is ok. You are honest, the product is not ready so you should not release it yet. Just keep up the good job!!

I think delaying the release is a good decision and will do good to the game in the long run! As many wrote before me, it is good to see your commitment and I also appreciate your hard work! Keep up the good work and you will have an amazing game to give us when it is ready! (It is already very good! 🙂 )

Can we still get private dedicated servers before that? or do we have to wait till next year? Normal difficulty is so fucking boring, especially with an 8 player team.

Hard decision to make but the correct one as minimising crunch time and polishing is what matters most, keep it up ❤

Good decision! Can you confirm on what your doing with Stat's on release.

Sounds amazing that you're still in the running for creating a true successor to the previous title. Looking forward to the weapon damage being dramatically increased in order to make the TTK resemble Ins2014. Either that or body armour needs its own SAPI sized hitboxes...

Good decision, take your time to polish this raw diamond up.

@chaton said in New Release Date in December:

Improve the character models, textures, and animations in the game
Improve the “scoped” experience for both high and low-quality scope settings
Improve the level visuals, gameplay and optimization
Add more cosmetic item variations and a new

Im glad that the team is taking as much time as they need because the last thing you want is a broken game from launch like EA, Ubisofts, and other gaming company that do not deliver. Thank you for the continuous hard work guys we all appreciate the smallest fixes and improvements; it goes a long way.

What's wrong with delaying when it's to work and improve upon the project? I don't get why there's a hurry to get a game out, except perhaps budget, publisher deadlines or the whole team being straight up fed up working on a game for too long.

But fan expectations and impatience? That's petty. Just have faith in the devs, until perhaps they show signs of disinterest/laziness/slacking off.

Delaying games usually has very positive outcomes, providing the devs are passionate about their project and the additional time is well used, if course. Which nothing points against so far, so I'm glad to read this. Wish the team all the best in making this game a shiny title. Keep up the valiant effort guys.

The delay is fine, it does need more work and i'm happy to wait a bit longer.

Thank you 🙂

I love Insurgency, but right now i cant play well the game. I still got so much lag (not ping, but when game are rendering). I will wait devs to fix it. keep to good work guys, i love your game! 🙂

I don’t mind at all just take your time devs you are the best!
And Thank you For all your hard work!

I support this 110% - thank you for your hardwork. And I appreciate that you care enough to make such a hard decision.

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I agree with everyone that this is a good move to take more time to improve things! 🙂

excellent choice

this game is already a blast to play.

(Fixing this strange Animation/Player stuttering should be a priority.
I think weapon direction and actual shooting is also a little buged)

delaying it seems like the right decision, unfortunate but if it makes the game better I'm all for it.

keep up the good work!

edit: funny to see the reactions here, all so positive and nice and here I was thinking all gamers were toxic assholes XD

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Oh man, upgrading to UE 4.20 is the best decisions you could possibly make and I'm very glad that you made the call!
I love the game, love the devs, keep up the good works guys!


This isnt the haughty, trolling - “got my refund, gonna go post it in forums now” crowd. We love NWI. Those toxic A-holes that think they are doing a service to NWI behaving that way need to chill out. They forget that it is possible to let a dev know whats up without screaming into refund posts in the forums.