New Release Date in December

Thanks for all the hard word NWI. Communication on the forums and discord has been 10/10

The game looks good so far despite the fps and optimization issues. Don't abandon your original Insurgency/DOI players, we are a tight knit community that kept coming back despite numerous FPS releases. All we want is better graphics, more weapons options, and the same strategy based game play. Thank you for pushing the release date back, I assume it was a tough decision for the developers but the right one. This game has so much potential, thank you for not rushing it.

P.S. please dial back the fire support call-ins. This might be a personal thing but I enjoyed Insurgency because of the emphasis on gun fighting and hand placed explosives. The strafe runs. artillery, toxic gas etc. seems more CoD/BF for me. That's not why I enjoy this game. Its the realistic firefights and squad based maneuvering that kept me coming back.

@chaton Nice one, now we can have more beards and such! Hopefully much more expanding on character customization, like making the ear-pro a separate category like eyewear is, maybe adding options to have balaklava + headgear options etc

edit: oh yeah, and more gun-variety for classes plz 😉

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I think this is a really good idea, as do most of the players I've spoken with. The last few updates have been great, and I think the extra time will let the release be as good as it should be.

NWI developers deserve respect.

AAA game companies should learn from NWI.

NWI, you deserve the respect of your entire fandom and players around the world. I also really believed that releasing on the 18th would only be half the true experience reaching your player base. I think this will translate to a much better reception at launch. I believe you on this new release date and wish you courage and luck!
You have my full support (including monetary since I won't ask for a refund). Cheers!

How is it a difficult decision?

The broken nature of most aspects of the game were in place, and made the decision for you.
Don't patronize these poor folks who have supported your effort with such statements.

If you build a house that has a roof collapse, it isnt a "difficult decision" to DECIDE that you cannot stay under in that roof.
The time for difficult decisions was a while back, Im sure.

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I'm very happy that NWI has decided to push back release and polish the game. I think this extra time will only generate more suspense and excitement. I do however hope that fixing the AI finds its way onto the major goals list. Other than optimization I find it to be the number one problem with Sandstorm by a long shot from everything else, which is relatively minor.

I made a detailed feedback post stating that the game will be a failure if released in september and needs potentially 6 months delay .. I am really happy to see that the game was pushed back. This game does not have the same raw feel its ancestor had. It feels grainy and overly fictional.. like it is trying to hard? I'm not sure .. I find myself returning to vanilla more than this game right now. If anything, this game just frustrates me. Would highly recommend some "quality of life" updates for the game.

This is good news, it will avoid to besmirch their reputation by releasing a game with major technical shortcomings, because to have the beta I must say that performance level is not well. By cons the studio is really listening to his community and look carefully at our feedback and when I see the work they provided between beta 1 and 2 I think we can be confident about the final result. :okay:
Otherwise the game is really good: the atmosphere, the gameplay, the feeling of the weapons and the skill cap are really solid. The only negative that I would see it would be the game modes but at the same time we have not the full game so wait & see.

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