Opening statement:
So these are just some of the ideas I think I should mention that has been on my mind while playing, and I briefly skimmed other threads and found some other ideas mentioned so will try exclude them, however not having read everything, I may just repeat something someone already brought up, so to that I will apologize in advance.

I would like to see different lighting for the maps, perhaps time of day options like Dawn, Noon, Dusk and Night. - Because it gives more variety to the maps, as well as challenges, the position of the sun dictates the approach to the objectives as facing the sun with lens flares would be blinding encouraging approach with the sun to your back and placing the burden on the enemy, changing the best route to attacking the objective depending on the time of day, and of course Noon as well as night time, this may be ineffective, overall breaking up the monotony. This would add more value I would imagine to each map, and does not require much effort to change the position of the sun light and tweaking the lighting as needed.

Also some weather conditions like sandstorms, rain stroms that affect visibility and hearing, Also foggy mist likely to be present at dawn fading out or night times as it fades in. - Because these offer environmental challenges too, which depending on the soldier/player, could be leveraged as an advantage or disadvantage. These weather conditions do not have to be consistent either, perhaps a chance factor that they could appear in the form of a weather report while the map loads up, also their degrees of intensity from light to heavy could also be a factor. As with the day time, it breaks up the monotony of repeating the exact same perfect conditions. These weather effects might also limit the available support opprtunities as well, leaving players to adapt their startegy and approach to the environment.

So regarding those, when selecting map to play, time of day can be chosen, but the weather conditions would be random by default, but I suppose having the option to manually change weather conditions could be added.

Also if possible, change up the location of objectives, by changing the possible buildings that need to be captured or the location where weapons cache spawns, this too will go along way to break up the monotony and add more longevity to the overall game play of each available map.

I certainly think that these changes would not be too difficult or a mammoth of a task to impliment. This of course does not need to apply to game modes such a competitive, but geared towards the coop/local play, and maybe even the versus mode.

Game play:
Gameplay is great as is and I do enjoy the fast paced visceral action, but often when myself and friends try to play a bit more authentically, it is a bit too fast paced if a squad of friends want to play more tactical and focus more on strategy and comms. The bots in coop are really great though they have their flaws, but remain somewhat challenging, however I would like to request a slower paced more hardcore game mode, just extend the time to capture/blow up an objective to allow time for propper planning and strategy to our approach, instead of the usual 5min limit to complete an objective, maybe allow an option to extend by 5min intervals per objective, so 5min, 10min, 15min maybe (I dont think more than 15min per objective would be necessary so even if it just includes a 15min step-up I would appreciate that for coop/local play), this would allows for a hardcore experience accomodated by hardcore and deadlier AI coming in more waves perhaps.

Also could we have the inclusion of LAN for local play if that is not being implimented?

Weapon attachments:
The 2x Optics have a magnifier attached behind the 1x optics, please make it possible to enable/disable the magnification with the press of a button, so that we can switch to 1x optics for close to mid range, particularly for indoors and switch to magnification for medium to long range. (Also i do support sight attachments for sidearms.)

Game Settings:
More anti-aliasing options, preferably TAA - Because smoother and non-jaggy edges at a low cost that I am happy with, I prefer that method as it really works great on foilage from my experience in Squad.

An option to delete saved class loadout presets perhaps?

And finally, I know you guys plan a native Linux release some time in the future, and still would like to see that at some point, but with the recent release of proton for steam, would it possible to get proper support for steam proton until the Linux native version is out? It doesnt seem to be all that much of a task to achieve considering the game seems to run fairly okay with proton as is, but certainly some polish to the compatibility would be ideal for those of us that want to run linux, even if it is just for local play right now considering the anti-cheat system is also a bit of an issue to play online.

Closing statement:
That all said, I hope my 2cents worth of feedback is well received, I dont consider my requests to be unreasonable, or unfeasible at all to see in the near future, and I am sure there would be sufficient support for these. I really do think the base game is pretty solid as is and hope to see it better optimized in general with some polish, and I do enjoy playing it, more so than Squad and Arma, and is a worthy step up from Battlefield and Call of Duty.