How many more guns will be in the final game?

I've seen a couple of leaks on Reddit, we're getting a couple different under barrel shotguns which are cool, but that's all of the leaks I've seen. Are we getting more bullpups? I'd LOVE to see a Desert Tech MDR, it's a basically a 308 bullpup scar. Some HK416s would be cool as well, even an HK433, or an HKM27. Bushmaster ACR would be sweet too.

Will we get some AUGs? Some IWI Tavors? The newer IWI Galils? An FN F2000? I heard the British are coming out with a new L85A3, I'd like to see that in the game tbh. I'd like to see some semi-auto shotguns too, like a Benelli M1014 and a Fostech Origin 12, the SAS used the Fostech, some special forces SAS guy cleared out a small building full of isis insurgents with it.

I'd like to see some high-end rifles too, like a Wilson Combat rifle, Daniel Defense rifles, Patriot Ordnance Factory 416 type rifles, Sig Sauer MCX 300 blackout rifles, Knight's Armament SR-16 rifles, Spikes Tactical rifles, some nice 308s would be sweet too. Like a Patriot Ordnance Factory Revolution Rifle. More guns, please.

OH, I'd also like to see some AK100 series rifles, the counterbalance AKs, like AK103, Ak105, AK107 etc. Or even some Molot VEPRs, or Rifle Dynamics AK. More guns would be cool tbh

Someone told me there are both Galils, MP5K and Masterkey/M26 underbarrel shotguns are in the game files.

@io543 No, he told me that during an in-game beta session, i don't remember his Steam ID anymore sadly. But he told me that as the models are present in the files.

@vengefulmosquito Rainbow Six Siege Buck is coming to sandstorm lol

@lucjocwhite Also forgot the L1A1 SLR, that i suppose is also coming back.

I'd love some more guns, but as much as I like rifles, the game needs more options in other areas first. The selection for shotguns, LMGs, and marksman rifles right now is pretty poor and should be the priority for adding new guns.

My full list of all currently unavailable weapons in the files:



Galil SAR




Source: uModel.

@areswastaken No Model 10 and AC556? My two favorite guns in INS2.

Can I vote for a regular MP5 instead of the MP5K? I realize someone will make a mod, but its much more likely a security force would use the most widely used sub-machine gun in police forces.

Since the insurgents have soviet themed weapons I'd like to see the groza in game to reflect the L85A2 on security side. Would also like to see the AS VAL as well. Since I need to eat dinner soon I'm going to agree with LucJocWhite's list because I saw the 100 series AK's.

Not going to mention specific models or families, but I will say I was hoping the shift to UE4 would bring an expanded library of guns in general. INS2 was in it's prime once the theater mods added in a large library of modded guns without having to sacrifice the original arsenal. Doubtless Sandstorm will have similar mods someday, but I'd really appreciate if the per-match progression of the supply system was reinforced with a wider variety of options to choose from as you collect points. Some of my favorite moments in Source and 2 were picking off enemies with weapons that were poorly suited to the role I was pressed into using them at the time, and a deeper pool of varied weapons can only increase the frequency of that.

@p_lav said in How many more guns will be in the final game?:

Can I vote for a regular MP5 instead of the MP5K? I realize someone will make a mod, but its much more likely a security force would use the most widely used sub-machine gun in police forces.

Totally agree with this. Not only are the A3 and A4 versions far more common than the K, the compact SMG roll is already filled by both other options already in the game.

Although for adding SMGs, something that's not decades old would be cool too, like the SIG MP-X or Scorpion Evo.

@p_lav MP5 All the way! And yes, the game doesn't need MP5K since it already has bad recoil, high rate of fire in game. It would be a counter part to the Uzi I guess. Also for bad recoil high rate of fire and realistic for insurgents, they can have the ppsh-41 with potentially drum mag attachment.

Now that the balance is more delicate they'll probably have to spend more time making sure they don't add something that is brutal overpowered.

That being said, i would love if santa brought me a:

EF88 Austyer
A full size MP5
A revolver of a ludicrous calibre
A boomstick

for christmas.

Also known as the F90. Make sure it's that and not the F88 Austeyr, as the EF88/F90 is it's own unique gun with a slightly different appearance, while the F88 is pretty much an AUG.