The auto voice promt for objectives/last man standing should be removed and replaced with voice from HQ only heard by you and your team

It has been many times where I have got on an objective attacking/defending or a last man standing and the involuntary voice prompt from the character gives my position away and dies. It should be more suspenseful if it didn't do that, but rather a voice in my ear from HQ telling me such things as the last game. I don't know why NWI has decided to go this route but it would seem to be to just be better to do it with a personal message rather than announcing everyone where your position is each time.

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I agree with this 100% of the way. I see it like this:

As the last man standing, it needs to be apparent that YOU are the last guy on your team.

  • If it's just your character speaking, the chances are that you'll just ignore it subconsciously as the excessive character chatter in this game blends into the ambience. The characters talk too much, you get used to it and you tone it out. That's why Mikee had so much of an impact in the first insurgency and why I can't find myself paying any attention to the voices in other games.

  • The music is just a hinderance for the last man in the game. When you're trying to listen for footsteps the music gets in your way. Like a scene in a movie that would have been tense had it not been for the sound trying telling you how you should feel, it ruins the moment. When I was a kid, allot of American dubbed animes did this.

What should happen instead when you're the last man on your team:

  • Mikee from HQ tells you that you're the last man on your team.
  • A big red banner at the top of your screen tells you that you're the last man alive.
  • No music, at all. Only the spectators will hear the music.

Only the spectators should hear the dramatic music. The last man standing is under enough pressure as is, he doesn't need music getting in the way of him hearing footsteps. He just needs to know that he's the last man standing, and that's it. Spectators could use the music because they're all stuck spectating one guy that they can't give directions to.

  • New voice lines for the last man standing would be nice too.

While I kinda like the voicelines we got, following your suggestion and adding on to it the last man standing should have voicelines but instead of the current ones they should be a quick almost whisper so they can bearly be heard and panicking as fuck as he realizes his situation; like "shitshitshit" or "oh fuck, no no no" or "oh god i'm fucked, i'm so fucked aren't i?".

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