Is Chocolate Chip camo in the game?

Im far from my home and can't access my PC to check if there is. I ask because im a sucker for 90's U.S Ranger camo, especially the one used in Operation Gothic Serpent.

Also, can you remove the shemagh covering the Insurgents heads?

Mmmm this one looks different than this alt text

@vengefulmosquito 0_1536673628591_43d065cd-b809-4a92-947b-e09df15b22ea-image.png
I think that's as close as you can get with the current camo.

@io543 oh yeah! That looks much more closely, thanks! Are there bipods for the M16A4 though?

@vengefulmosquito Yep, and also foregrip bipods. I might want to answer all your questions at once if you don't mind listing them haha

@io543 That's it for now, i will get back home soon to find out, thanks for the help.

Yup, the US 4-color desert / chocolate chip pattern is in the game. I believe it's called DBDU.

@maa_bunny Can you take off the Insurgent Shemagh altogether or it would break balance?


I believe you're required to wear a headgear for the Insurgents. There's also three, two, and one hole balaclavas.

@areswastaken Thanks, one last question... is the MK17 Mod 0 the lightest 7.62 rifle or is it something else?


The "lightest" ? Care to elaborate? I would imagine the "lightest" 7.62 rifle in game is the AKM.

@marxman-lmc basically the one that weighs the least yeah.

I would imagine its the AKM or the mk17, the MK17 is polymer though so it might be lighter. Dunno what the game considers the heaviest weapon.

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Yup, the AKM is a little bit lighter than the Mk.17, then the FAL and G-3 are both about 1kg heavier. The AKM also doesn't shoot the same round, it's a little bit smaller.