Forced Tutorial?

This may be a bit much to ask, but I bet that most Ins gamers who understands the game can agree that teammates not playing the game (Push - You push!, Skirmish - Capture!! to respawn mates etc.) can ruin a good game. Those who just run blindly around, those who camp to the end etc when a game could have been won. Could there be a forced tutorial to enter the servers? Just a suggestion, and it might be contradicting all sorts of stuff. Im am just throwing it out there. But at least understanding the game modes should be a condition for playing on servers? .... Its a problem in Ins2 and can already tell its a problem in Sandstorm.

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Basic tutorials are not hurting but they wont fix active decisions. I have been around the block for a while and the majority of people who will not play objectives do this because they don't want to play the objective. No tutorial will change this,