When XB1 Controller is plugged in cannot move player (Uses keyboard to play)

This is the first time this ever occurred, I've always had my XB1 controller plugged into the PC but I don't use it to play Insurgency. What follows is my steps to repro the issue:

XB1 controller plugged in > Boot game > All menu controls XB buttons > Joined friend's party > Friend joins Co-op lobby > Get to class selection > Select with mouse > Select loadout, but can't "Deploy" > Hit X on controller to deploy > Can't move player or access ESC menu and had to ALT+F4 and restart.

Restarting the game with the controller unplugged fixed issue.

There were similar issues with Insurgency. I would be surprised if they fixed it.

I don't know that much about unreal engine but if you can figure out how to unbind all controller buttons then it will likely fix your issue.

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Try adding your controller into Steam, then creating a controller config for Sandstorm that maps all the functions to keyboard strokes. Then the game wont see the controller input as um controller input

I use a combo of controller & mouse with the right side of the controller ignored and the left set to movement WASD & other things etc

Obviously you will need the overlay enabled for this to work