The Radial Menu Is One Hot Mess (Especially for Commanders)

Playing as commander you are often confronted by the hot mess that is the radial menu.

  • Many times when you scroll over the items in the radial menu they don't get lit up and when you let go the selection does not happen.
  • It is sometimes close to impossible to select the middle of the normal comms menu (calling for observer).

  • When holding the binoculars with the observer close, calling for an observer using the comms menu will call in fire support. This can be a terrible pain in the ass.

I play as commander often and I have experienced everything OP mentioned.
Please fix.

@effex1 I'd like for them to give us the option of a list instead of a radial menu. Lists with numerical hotkeys are better suited for a PC interface than a radial wheel.

I'd also like the option to cancel fire support. Sometimes you might accidentally call support in where you don't want it, and being able to cancel the order before firing instead of forcing your entire team to move to avoid an artillery strike you called in inadvertently would be nice.

Somehow I can't find how to bind "Enemy Spotted" to my thumb mouse-button. I used to have it this way in Ins 2014.
Anyone knows how to do this? Thanks.