About suppression effect.

I am not exactly sure what it is, perhaps it is due to the less intense gun sound (including supersonic crack) or the particle effects or if it is actually to do with the visual filter of the suppression effect, but I don't feel the suppression is powerful enough to send me to a panic mode like the last game consistently made me feel when being shot. Does anyone have any suggestion as to why the new effect feels weaker?

Edit: It seems like the effects are smaller than the original. I hope NWI does not consider this a minor thing, as I feel that the big success of the original had to do with the intense and tight close quarter combat, which suppression took a big part in.

The others are the lethal (which currently I am satisfied with, but hit registration still needs improvement.) but unwieldiness of weapons, the wave spawn mechanic (which currently has a bit of a bug) which rewards patience, and the tight map design (though I'd say the last game had some issue with this).

I really want this game to succeed, and it has gone fair bit since alpha, but I hope in the near future, NWI will nail all these points and make this game into something that truly shines above the rest and fill in its very unique.

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It doesn't blur the screen as much as before. Also you need more bullets shot at you to become suppressed, unlike the last game which only needed 2 7.62 rifle rounds or 3 5.56's landing close to you to reach full suppression.

@2001zhaozhao Yes I think you are right, the blurriness is less, and I think it takes more bullets to be fully suppressed

Is there blurring at all? I've not noticed it - only the saturation change for all the colors. It also doesn't seem to affect movement anymore.

I liked the suppression effect in INS2 a lot better.

@maa_bunny Yes there seem to be blurring but not sure if it is naturally like that around the edges. I think the key essence of this game is the tight and intense close quarter combat, which the suppression took a big part on. I think this part of the game shouldn't be over looked, though it looks small.

Suppression should have more of a visual effect, but shouldn't apply a debuff to your gun mechanics. In its current state, suppression has value because it makes it harder for the guy you're suppressing to aim with the increased sway. Instead, it should work like it works in real life - there are bullets whizzing past you, so you seek cover in order to not die. It works great in Insurgency.

In the first insurgency, if you were getting shot at, you'd get suppressed and you'd get a speed debuff, making it much harder to run to cover. This is missing from sandstorm and needs to be re-added.

@musicnote A lot of people have said this, including the man Prevent himself, but I'm not sure if I believe this myself. I'm pretty sure being shot at didn't decrease your speed; only actually being hit.